Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Are we really going down this Eurosong road again?

Eurosong 2014 - Photo : Youtube

Eurosong 2014 – Photo : Youtube

IRELAND : Are we really going down this Eurosong road again?

The Irish selection for Eurovision 2015 is only hours away and it looks as if we are going down the same old road of mud-slinging.

In an article today in the Irish Sun it reports that 2014 Eurosong Mentor Billy McGuinness is not happy with RTE’s decision to have a Swedish Act (Erika Selin) in the National Final.

The article claims that the Aslan Band member has hit out at RTE having a Swedish singer, songwriter and backing vocalists in the Irish National Selection.

So what are your thoughts on this? Ireland has had many foreign songwriters represent Ireland at Eurovision before and we alternatively have had Irish songwriters AND singers represent other countries at Eurovision – remember Lithuania 2001 when the lead singer of the band Skamp was Dublin born singer and ironically named ERICA Jennings.

You can read the full article in The Sun today HERE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Sun



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  1. For me it nationality of the singer doesn’t matter I just care about the song and break me up is my favourite in eurosong this year I’ll be very exited if she gets through

  2. Oh just call her Éire-ka to make McGuinness happy and let her win.

    So many non-Irish in this country. Should they not bother contributing to making life here great just because they’re blow-ins? She wants to help us win Eurovision, let’s give her a chance!

  3. so sad!…instead of criticising RTE too much..he should be helping…So what if Erika is Swedish…Celine Dion was Canadienne, etc. etc..i think this guy is going through a very public mid life crisis and very bitter one too,,

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