Eurovision 2015

LITHUANIA : #JoinUs for our LIVE ROLLING Blog of the Lithuanian Eurovision Final at 20:00 CET

Lithuania Finalists for Eurovision 2015

Lithuania Finalists for Eurovision 2015

LITHUANIA : #JoinUs for our LIVE ROLLING Blog of the Lithuanian Final for Eurovision 2015 at 20:00 CET

Lithuania Artist Selection – The Show starts at 20:00 CET – You canView HERE. Lithuania last week selected their song for Eurovision ‘This Time’ – SEE HERE – And tonight they select the singer that will perform the song in Vienna.


The 3 finalists are Mia, Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkytė – Read our Bio’s on them HERE

You know the drill – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE foe Elaine’s Comments and make sure to tell her if she has it spot on of if she is WAY OFF THE MARK! #JustSaying 😉



Good evening Europe!!! Tonight sees the end of a long drawn out, and somewhat confusing, selection process to find out who gets the Lithuanian ticket to Vienna for Eurovision 2015. After weeks of whittling down a list of songs and a list of artists we are left with 3 contestants, who all made the latter stages of selection last year, to perform the same song This Time. Will one of the girls, Mia or Monika, win the right to represent Lithuania or will it be the big hunk of manliness that is Vaidas? I know who’s name I will be shouting from the rafters 😉

I would like to give a big shout out to our good friend here at Eurovision Ireland, Rene Romkes who is looking particularly lush on the panel tonight and giving Vaidas a run for his money in the “totty factor”

As they did last year, the 3 contestants are performing another song to start the night and Mia rocks her way through a great up tempo number – Dangerous. She has wonderful stage presence and gave a super vocal performance also. A very strong opener from Mia. (oh goodness – they are dubbing the lovely Rene – how very dare they? lol )

Next up we have the very beautiful Vaidas performing a duet with fellow contestant Monika. Saules Pedomis is a stunning ballad which shows off their voices beautifully. A great performance by both and i’m sure Vaidas’s natural good looks will do their voting chances no harm at all. As was hinted at last week, it appears that it has been decided there are now 2 acts in the final – Mia performing alone and Vaidas and Monika performing together. The song writer liked the richness of the song being sung as a duet and expressed a desire to have Vaidas and Monika perform together in the final.

It would seem that having a marathon selection process was not good enough for Lithuania and now they have decided to draw the final out also. The artists are performing another song each. Mia is up first with Take a Look at me Now – When will it be The Time to hear the artists perform the chosen song for Vienna – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

Vaidas and Monika are up again with a song called – Tiktai Tu. They have good chemistry and their voices blend well together but if I had to pick at this point in time and it was merely down to performance, I would say Mia has performed the best over first 2 songs.

Mia – This Time


Elaine’s Comments : 

Here we go at last. Mia brings a very kooki vibe to this song. Quite a hippy chick performance and both the stage and her dress are quite psychedelic. It is a very up tempo song and I was very surprised. I had not heard the song until now and I really like it. Mia has performed out of her skin tonight but may still struggle to win the ticket against Vaidas and Monika. Let’s see what they can produce……………………………………



Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkytė – This Time


Elaine’s Comments : 

As I have mentioned above Vaidas is now performing as a duet with Monika. They obviously enjoy performing together and there is a sense of fun about the performance. The blend of voices gives another level to the song and I definitely prefer this version – and not just for the reasons you may think. I can put my “OMG he is gorgeous” head to one side and try to be professional. I think if Lithuania send this version they will have a great chance of making the final in Vienna – and I will have a home for my lucky knickers for Eurovision 2015 🙂


There is of course no 3rd performance of this song but we were treated to a performance from PER with Smile in the interval then a great performance from Switzerland’s representative in Vienna this year, Melanie Rene, of her song My Time to Shine. They have been flashing up the voting and it is very very close with only a few hundred votes separating the 2 performances.

The panel have voted unanimously to send Vaidas and Monika to Vienna however we await the result of the Televote;

And winning the Televote……. also Vaidas and Monika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Winner – Vaidas and Monika

Runner Up – Mia



 Winner – Vaidas and Monika

Runner Up – Mia


Yes please note – I GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo – One of my favourite songs chosen so far. Goodnight and thank you – I’m off to sort out my Vaidas stalking plan for Vienna.


Author : Elaine Dove

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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