Eurovision 2015

FINLAND : #JoinUs for our LIVE BLOG of Semi Final 3 of UMK at 20:00 CET

Finland - UMK 2015 Semi Final 3 - Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Finland – UMK 2015 Semi Final 3 – Photo : Eurovision Ireland

FINLAND : #JoinUs for our LIVE BLOG of Semi Final 3 of UMK at 20:00 CET

Finland Uuden Musikiin Kilpailu 2015 – Semifinal 3 – The Show starts at 20:00 CET – You can watch LIVE HERE.

Welcome to our LIVE ROLLING BLOG with Andrew Main – You know the DRILL – Just REFRESH the page to get our LIVE Views on the songs. 

Remember if you think that Andrew is totally OFF THE WALL with his comments then make sure to tell him on the BLOG. He’s got a thick skin and he’s Scottish so he can take the heat!

6 songs compete for the last 3 places in the Grand Final.



Good evening from a very chilly Finland via my home in Edinburgh which is also chilly. We have the last Semi Final where 3 more songs will be chosen to progress to next weeks Final. We start with some dancers on the stage.


Solju – Hold Your Colours

Solju - Photo : YLE

Solju – Photo : YLE

Andrew’s Comments : An ethnic feel to this song, Solju is accompanied by 6 dancers and a Sami backing singer. It is a pleasant enough song that enhanced by the ethnic vocals but some of Solju’s vocals are a bit off key especially at the start. It does build well though and may suit the Finnish audience more.



Aikuinen – Kyynelten Lahti

Aikuinen Photo : YLE

Aikuinen Photo : YLE

Andrew’s Comments : Aikuinen is very unassuming in a suit and glasses and holding a briefcase like he has walked into the wrong job. But his song has a good electrobeat to it and is sung well. Its a bouncy little number which I like a lot. The crowd seems to like it too as does his dog which is in the audience. Offbeat off the wall but in with a chance.



Ida Bois – Kumbaya

Ida Bois - Photo : YLE

Ida Bois – Photo : YLE

Andrew’s Comments : Its not the Kumbaya of my boyhood days but a slow starting song with some vocals a bit off key but soon clicks into a heavy dance beat. Ida is sitting on a swing which she swings back on forth on during the dance beats. A strange mix of a song as I love the heavy dance feel but not so keen on the slow verses. Not sure how this will go in the voting.



Angelo de Nile – All For Victory

Angelo de Nile : Photo - YLE

Angelo de Nile : Photo – YLE

Andrew’s Comments : Angelo reminds me  Meatloaf in voice. This is like a pop/rock opera piece. Angelo dressed as a Roman centurion. He is surrounded by other hunky semi clad centurions.(Nice). A good strong rock voice and element to this song. Its strong and memorable and think is good enough to reach the final tonight. It gets a good reaction from the audience anyway.

Järjestyshäiriö – Särkyneiden Sydänten Kulmilla

Jarjestshairio - Photo : YLE

Jarjestshairio – Photo : YLE

Andrew’s Comments : The only group of the night is on now. With an unpronounceable name we know that the Finns love their groups don’t they? This one is no exception with a very catchy uptempo and contemporary song . This has a really good feel to it. The group consist of 4 guys and a girl. I love this song and its the best of the night for me for sure.



Heidi Pakarinen – Bon Voyage

Heidi Pakarinen - Photo : YLE

Heidi Pakarinen – Photo : YLE

Andrew’s Comments : This is a lovely little song, with a bit of French flair its also very old school Finnish Eurovision National Finals music. A good song with a nice feel to it although a tad old fashioned. But it is sung well and Heidi resplendent in red is accompanied by 3 red clad female singers and 3 suit clad male dancers. A good reaction from the audience . This could get to the Final.





Ok my first two to go through to the Final stand out more than the others so I will call Angelo de Nile and Järjestyshäiriö to go through to the Final. My 3rd call is a closer run thing between Solju and Heidi Pakarinen. I am going to side with Heidi in this case. So lets wait and see how right or wrong I am.





Through to Final are Solju, Järjestyshäiriö and Angelo de Nile. I am happy as I called two and the other Solju was my either or choice so I claim 2 and a half. Thank you and goodnight.




Author : Andrew Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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