Eurovision 2015

POLL : Who should win the Irish Eurovision 2015 Selection #Eurosong

Eurosong Poll 2015

Eurosong Poll 2015

POLL : Who should win the Irish Eurovision 2015 Selection #Eurosong? 


The 5 acts have been announced for the Irish National Selection for Eurovision 2015. They are

  • Nikki Kavanagh – Memories
  • Kat Mohan – Anybody Got A Shoulder
  • Alex Saint & The MJs – She’s So Fine
  • Erika Selin – Break Me Up
  • Molly Sterling – Playing With Numbers


Get to know the contestants better HERE and what they have to say about participating in Eurosong. You can listen to the songs LIVE at 16:00 CET HERE. We will add the pod cast after the show so you can listen to the songs again.

You can listen to the FULL VERSION of the songs HERE

Like in Eurovision you can vote more than once every day. No point on changing that system!


Ok so now we want to know who you think should win Eurosong and represent Ireland at Eurovision on Vienna.


The final will take place on Friday February 27th on the ‘Late Late Show’ which is Ireland’s most watched talk show


What do you think of the mix of the songs in the Irish Eurosong Final? Is it better than last year’s? Is there a Eurovision winner there? Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Molly Sterling would be my choice and probably the safest bet for Vienna. Our record with uptempo songs since 2008 is actually pretty poor (only Lipstick managed a good result) and I’d actually be a bit worried about our prospects if Nikki Kavanagh’s one was chosen. Too often, our uptempo entries are below par in their performance and staging.

    Playing With Numbers would be a fine entry. It’s a good modern ballad with intelligent lyrics and Molly has a great voice for a 16 year old. My feeling would be that it’s the only song and singer in the line up that would be guaranteed to appeal to both the ESC juries and televoters.

  2. I really like the song by Erika. It’s my first choice !

    I wanted to really like the song by Nikki Kavanagh, but it’s not in the same league as Falling, and just sounds like 3 minutes of yelling.

    Kat Mohan has a voice that’s better than the song.

    Molly Sterling has a song that’s better than the voice.

    Rap song is just awful.


    You featured Maria Christian (weeks ago) and I was hoping she would make it into the selection. She didn’t make it, but that rap song did ??!

  3. I think Molly sterling is going to win the national finals. It’s a beautiful song an could do very well in eurovision

  4. The selection process that chose Niamh Kavanagh and the song ‘In Your Eyes’ all the way back in 1993, must be revived with a modern twist..akin to a melodifestivalen style…The O2 Arena in Dublin would be great to host the National Final..with semis in Belfast, Derry, Galway Cork…this would get the Irish people interested again…in selecting a Eurosong…Goodluk to Nikki Kanvanagh and the song ‘Memories’..12 points from Derry..:-)..

  5. nikki kavanagh for of an awful bunch…we deserve a selection like melodifestivalen….the process that choose Niamh Kavanagh was brill..bring that back again to the 02 Arena…does rte wanna win anymore?..8 wins would be a nice even number

  6. It’s taken me a couple of days to get over my initial disappointment on hearing RTE’s choices for Eurosong. I don’t think there’s one single song that stands out over and above the rest as a clear winner or one that will resonate with an audience after one listen.
    Having said all that, here are my thoughts after a few listens…
    She’s So Fine – great beginning with a catchy chorus but it’s just ruined by the weak rapping style and lyrics.
    Anybody got a shoulder – this could be a dark horse. If staged properly it could be really emotive and haunting.
    Break me up – I had high hopes for this one but am a little disappointed. It’s a perfectly fine song but to be a Eurovision winner “fine” just ain’t gonna cut it.
    Playing with numbers – couldn’t agree more when she sings that she doesn’t know what it means cause neither do I.
    And finally Memories – I think this has potential. However, Nikki needs to improve her annunciation and be a LOT less shouty in order for people to even understand the lyrics and hear the melody properly.
    Will be very interesting to see which song comes out on top.

  7. Great selection for Eurosong this year. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the problem with the irish selection for years now hasn’t been the quality of song but the staging of the selection. Why keeping staging Eurosong in a corner of The Late Late Show studio??? It ruins it all. Really. Hope this won’t be the case again this year!

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