Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Listen to the Full Versions of the Eurosong entries for Eurovision 2015

Eurosong 2015 Finalists

Eurosong 2015 Finalists

IRELAND : Listen to the Full Versions of the Eurosong entries for Eurovision 2015.

Earlier today RTE released clips of the 5 songs competing in the Irish Eurosong National Final to win the opportunity to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2015.

The 5 acts are 

  • Nikki Kavanagh – Memories
  • Kat Mohan – Anybody Got A Shoulder
  • Alex Saint & The MJs – She’s So Fine
  • Erika Selin – Break Me Up
  • Molly Sterling – Playing With Numbers


You can listen to the full versions of the songs HERE

If you want to know more about the Eurosong finalists then you can do so Here



Don’t forget to also check out our poll on ‘Who is your favourite song in the Eurosong Final’


So what do you think of the songs in the Irish National Final? Who would give Ireland the best chance of qualifying for the final?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and RTE

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  1. God..So we won’t be qualifying this year either :-/ such a shame that RTE has final say in these five songs.. Could have been much better – Hopefully with more listening these will start to grow on me..

  2. I think it’s a open competition between Memories, Break Me Up and Playing with numbers though my favourite is Break Me up.

  3. Not the greatest selection
    Nikki is prob the best of a mediocre lot I am sorry to say
    Maybe they will improve with a few more listens…….

  4. Nikki has it this year for Ireland, and if the staging is done right in Vienna she will be in the top 5 or even a possible victory for Ireland. It is a song you would expect to see representing the Ukraine, Ireland has really raised their game this year, and it’s about time. Best of luck Ireland.

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