Eurovision 2014

SWITZERLAND : Follow our LIVE Rolling Blog of the Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection at 20:10 CET

Swiss Finalists. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Swiss Finalists. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Switzerland – Join us for our LIVE Rolling blog of the Swiss Eurovision 2015 national selection for 2015 or to give it its proper title Die Große Entscheidungsshow 2015 .

The show starts at 20:10 (CET) and you can watch it HERE on the SRF Official Website

You know the drill – just refresh the page to get our live comments on the show. Tonight you have the misfortune to be in my (Garrett Mulhall) completely incapable hands. No doubt my predictions will be totally different from the final result but we shall see.

The show comes live from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen and will have the added bonus of Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst performing on the show


The 6 Finalists

  1. Deborah Bough – ‘Take Me Back To 23′
  2. Timebelle – ‘Singing About Love’
  3. Licia Chery – ‘Fly’
  4. Andy McSean – ‘Hey Now’
  5. Mélanie René – ‘Time To Shine’
  6. Tiziana – ‘Only Human’


You will actually here 12 songs (as the Swiss like to make things last longer like their chocolate). Each of the 6 finalists will perform not one but wait for it TWO songs tonight. They will perform their potential Eurovision Entry and also a cover version. Why I hear you ask? Well actually I am thinking the same myself. I would have preferred to have had 12 finalists then the 6 just doubling up. Come on Switzerland you wreaked havoc on our Euro Currency recently – at least give us value for money 😉

The winner will be chosen using a 50/50 jury/televote method




Remember just to refresh the page for the up to date comments on the show

The show has started and we saw the #Fabulous Conchita Wurst arriving to the studio


Deborah Bough

Deborah is first up. A little VT of her in several languages – hey it’s Switzerland

Her song ‘Take Me Back to 23’

This is a Donna Summer inspired piece of Modern Funk Disco. I am getting my groove on to it and that is not a pretty sight for my cat that is looking at me saying to himself WTF!


Deborah sand that pitch perfect and unlike The Kardashians the supporting cast to Kim don’t try and overtake the performance. I think this would be great on the ESC stage but I think the Swiss are far too conservative to send this contemporary song to Vienna. Hey they may surprise me but I doubt it.

This could go to the final with no problem at all.

If you have style and are able to ‘shake what your mama gave you’ then you will have enjoyed Deborah. If you are an old fuddy duddy who rhythm forgot then you will be looking for your Sebalter fiddle again



Ok lets face the facts. Timebelle is a Voice graduate and the overwhelming favourite. Hey Switzerland you CANT VOTE for your YOURSELF at Eurovision. So if I take out Timebelle’s obvious popularity then I judge on what I saw.


Timebelle – Singing About Love

With a white skirt that looks like it was made by Barbara Dex it was not a good look. The band engaged in some overly cheesy dancing that at times looked like a Funeral Procession.

The song ‘Singing About Love’ is pleasant and has a catchy hook in parts. However if you are looking for a song that grabs you by the you know what then this is not the one. For me it was all predictable. Yet I think it will win if the polls are to be listened to.


Licia Chery – ‘Fly’


You want some soul, you want some gospel and some old school blues then this is the song for you. This is by far the most interesting song so far tonight.

Licia Cherry

The song is UBER catchy and instantly memorable. A cute dance routine. Since the live auditions they made a change and substituted the 2 make dancers and added in 2 extra female backing singers. They definitely gave the vocals more depth but the 2 new backing singers really let the slick dance moves down from Licia and her original 2 singers. That is easily remedied – get another 2 singers/dancers

This song is the BOMB and would be a hit at Eurovision. Get it right Switzerland!


Andy McSean – ‘Hey Now’

By far the biggest response from the audience tonight. It just goes to show that they are looking at a different show to me. This came across as a Sebalter tribute act. He sings it fine, He looks fine and he uses the camera fine. It is all just beige for me. Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.


Andy McSean – Hey Now

This is what you class as a typical nice Swiss song and when did average win the Eurovision – oh yes in 2013 – but even Emmelie had a tin whistle and some big drums.

Andy is an act that I would expect to see play at a friends wedding and would say he was great – after a few bottles of vino. Not a winner for me.


Mélanie René – ‘Time To Shine’


Hmmm – this is tough one. There are parts of the song that I really like. It’s been a long time since I heard the pan pipes at Eurovision. This is an ethno/pop ballad.


The positives – Melanie’s vocals were on point. The girl can sing. The stylist really needs to be reported to the RSPCA as she was wearing an ostrich for a dress. The styling didn’t fit the song and didn’t fit how young and pretty Melanie is.

The guy on the electric guitar looked as if he was up well after his bed time and played his solo with very little conviction. The lighting was all very dark blues and with a black dress Melanie disappeared on the stage.

A song in there struggling to get out.


Tiziana – ‘Only Human’


Here is where i get really annoyed. I love Tiziana’s voice and her song is so simple yet charming. From a young girl who is also a Voice of Switzerland graduate – this song and singer work so well together. They styled her correctly. She is a young girl and they put her is an outfit that a young girl like her would wear.

Tiziana – Only Human Live

Now here is where I get really ANNOYED! What were SRF thinking by staging a plastic Chelsea Flower Show! It looked so dreadful with plastic flowers on sticks popping all over the stage. That staging is not winning any Gold Medal.

Instead of making it look like a young girl singing a song in flower filled field (which I believe the official video is of) they made it look as if she was in a florist looking for a funeral wreath!

Tut Tut Tut SRF as this song deserved better staging.


There you have it. Your 6 songs that the public and jury are voting on as we speak now. So what do you do in Switzerland? Well you get your money’s worth from the finalists and you get them to sing a cover version! I guess to see how the singer can perform and what additional potential


Deborah Bough – She belted out Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’. Taylor Swift knows how to write a cracking pop song. Deborah and her girlfriends gave it socks and she enjoyed it as did I.

Cover 1


Timebelle – They are back to sing ‘Rude Boy’. Hmm looking like she has been into NEXT and bought a suit for the office. It was interesting yet we had more cheesy dancing that I am struggling with. I will send her the number of a good choreographer. I like the band but I am not in love with them and their attempt at some Jamaican phrasing should be avoided!

Cover 2


Licia Chery – Well she gave us the perfect song for her ‘All About That Bass’. This was funky and the styling was perfect. All very B-Bop Gold and I loved it. Come on Switzerland – Get with the BASS!

Cover 3


Andy McSean – Well Andy redeemed himself somewhat by performing the awesome ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. He performed with his guitar this time and he was much more comfortable with his ‘safety blanket’ so to say. I am truly well over HATS these days. The audience were ringing their cow bells – as I call them – for him. Better this time around but it still doesn’t make we want his song in Vienna.

Cover 4



Mélanie RenéThis time around we got Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ and yet again the stylist got it wrong. This time they had her looking like she was going to The Prom and not the young cool woman that she is. Vocals were pitchy in places and Melanie look a tad uncomfortable. I think this did her no favours.

Cover 5


Tiziana – Well she knocked it out of the park with that performance of ‘The Power of Love’ from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Her voice is so sweet that even the hardest of Eurovision Queens would only be letting themselves down if they said she cannot sing. Pitch perfect – just watch the pronunciation of “THE” – it’s not “DE” – I am available for lessons 😉

Cover 6


Recap of all the songs and all important voting numbers. I will give my predictions below and also who I think the Swiss will go for.

We await the arrival now of Conchita Wurst



We welcome back Sebalter who brought Switzerland to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014.



No song from Sebalter 😦

However we get the #FAB Conchita Wurst and Rise Like A Phoenix

Conchita in Switzerland

The Audience reaction was #HUGE

Conchita in Switzerland Pic 2


Conchita in Switzerland Pic 3





Here are my favourites in the order I would like to see at Eurovision

1 – Licia Chery – ‘Fly’

2 – Tiziana – ‘Only Human’

3 – Deborah Bough – ‘Take Me Back To 23′

4 – Timebelle – ‘Singing About Love’

5 – Andy McSean – ‘Hey Now’

6 – Mélanie René – ‘Time To Shine’


HOWEVER I think the Swiss will vote like this


1 – Timebelle – ‘Singing About Love’

2 – Tiziana – ‘Only Human’

3 -Andy McSean – ‘Hey Now’

4 – Licia Chery – ‘Fly’

5 – Deborah Bough – ‘Take Me Back To 23′

6 – Mélanie René – ‘Time To Shine’






The results are in and the winner was announced as Mélanie René – ‘Time To Shine’


As you can see I got this one TOTALLY wrong and didn’t see that as the winner.

What do you think? Did Switzerland make the right choice? Will Melanie bring Switzerland to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2015? Let us know
Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

6 replies »

  1. I think you and I have different ‘ears’ – Melanie was the best vocalist in the Final by far. Sean had the catchiest song and as for Licia and Deborah? I thought their vocals on their original songs were very poor and Licia’s backing singers actually saved her a little…

    But that’s the beauty of Eurovision opinion, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Switzerland is one of those countries that I have a soft spot for, and Sebalter did ’em proud last year.

    I won’t be watching tonight – I may as well still be on ruddy dial up as far as my internet connection goes.
    Edit – I lost my int connection while even typing this comment !!

    Still, I’ve managed to listen to each of the songs on youtube, and based on that, I’ll rank them as follows :

    1st) Timebelle – Singing About Love = 10/10
    2nd) Deborah Bough – Take Me Back To 23 = 10/10

    ^^ Both songs are superb. if they’re good live, I’ll be thrilled with either one.

    3rd) Andy McSean – Hey Now = 8/10
    4th) Melanie Rene’ – Time to Shine = 8/10

    ^^ I’d switch them around if Melanie proves to be better live.

    5th) Tiziana – Only Human = 7/10
    This would probably be my 3rd or 4th choice, but I think she sounds like she’s singing : ”We’re only young men” or ”we’re only you men”. So, she loses points for that. I still like it though, sounds like it would fit on a Dawson’s Creek soundtrack.

    6th) Licia Cherry – Fly = 6/10
    This was the first track I listened to and I was impressed, but as I listened to the others…. I liked them more. She has the best video though.

    Enjoy the show !

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