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Will Doda represent Poland at Eurovision 2015? What she said!

Doda for Eurovision 2015? Photo : Zuza Krajewska

Doda for Eurovision 2015? Photo : Zuza Krajewska

Will Doda represent Poland at Eurovision 2015?

That is the question being asked in Polish media. The singer was being interviewed by ‘First Channel of Polish Radio’ recently and she claimed that TVP (Polish National Broadcaster) had asked he if she would participate at Eurovision 2015?

The singer said that Eurovision is something that she would certainly be interested in doing. Doda aka Dorota Rabczewska is known for her live performances and would certainly light up the giant Eurovision stage.

In the interview she did not say what the final outcome was of her discussion with TVP. Last year she was also asked by TVP of her interest in Eurovision yet the broadcaster in the end decided to select Donatan and Cleo.


Who is Doda?


At the age of 8 Doda made her first public appearance at the Mini Hit Charts in the Provincial House of Culture in Ciechanowie. Two years later she won the Children’s Song Contest in Ciechanowie and took part in the program Polsat – Welcome Years in Gdansk.

She took up athletics at an early age too along with theatre. However in 2000 when she auditioned for a bad called ‘Virgin’ she won the place on the group and they became highly successful in Poland even garnering a nomination in the Polish phonographic industry Fryderyk new face category.

Don’t be fooled by this beautiful blonde bombshell – she became a member of Mensa in 2005 and has an IQ of 156!

The group Virgin released 3 successful albums before Doda became a solo artist in 2007. He first solo album called ‘Diamond Bitch’ entered the Polish charts at #1 and stayed there for 6 weeks!

With countless TV shows like ‘Two of Us’ and numerous singles, CNN has proclaimed Doda to be one of the most famous Poles and one of the most searched on the internet.

So as we wait for an official announcement from TVP on who they will select for Eurovision 2015 (decesion expected in early March) we can only say to them “YES PLEASE – WE WANT DODA”

What do you think of Doda potentially representing Poland? Is Eurovision ready for Doda? Could she bring Poland their first win at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESCBubble


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  1. Agree that her stage shows are fantastic. She needs to sing in Polish though, there’s just something about her English that doesn’t work:

    I still have my fingers crossed for Ewa Farna:

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