Eurovision 2014

SPAIN : ‘Euphoria’ composers will write the Spanish entry for Edurne at Eurovision 2015.

Edurne - Painkiller. Photo : YouTube

Edurne – Painkiller. Photo : YouTube

Today the speculation ended and it was officially announced that Edurne will represent Spain at Eurovision 2015.

It was also announced that her song will be called Amanecer’ which translates as Dawn. It has been confirmed that the song will be sung fully in Spanish and is an uptempo pop song.

However the 3 men behind the song are no strangers to Eurovision fans.

The composers are Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson, Thomas and Peter Boström.

Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson is one of Spain’s main composers and producers. He has worked with the likes of Pastora Soler, Auryn, Marta Sánchez, Sweet California, Agnes  and Edurne too. He has several gold and platinum albums to his credits and 5 #1 records that he has composed.

Thomas G.son needs very little introduction. He has had over 60 songs in various national selections for Eurovision across Europe and he has made the Eurovision song contest on 7 occasions  – three for Sweden (2001, 2006 and 2012), two for Spain (2007 and 2012) one for Denmark (2010), one for Norway (2007) and one for Georgia (2013).

His biggest success has been his song ‘Euphoria’ for Loreen that of course won the contest in 2012 and sold bucket loads of copies across Europe.

Peter Boström is another Swedish composer and producer that has worked with Lana del Rey, Loreen, Hurts and A-teens and others. He is also the co-composer of Loreen’s winning song ‘Euphoria’. He sometimes works under his Alter Ego name of Bassflow and has worked on music for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Miss Congeniality.


Who is Edurne?


Edurne is a Spanish female pop singer and has been touted as Spanish contestant at Eurovision on several occasions. Speaking today she said of the Eurovision opportunity

“I am a girl of challenges,  I like risk  and I saw the perfect opportunity and the perfect time … I am so happy and excited! “

She is currently working on her sixth studio album and her Eurovision song ‘Amanecer’ will be the feature track. So what of the song? Edurne says

“It is a very different song compared to anything that has been heard at Eurovision. Especially  it will impact because it is a subject to which we are not used to hearing in the Festival . They ask if it is a ballad or is it a rhythmic song a and I say ….it is not like anything that has been to Eurovision. “

She is a singer, dancer, actress and tv host but music is her first passion.

Do you think Edurne will bring Spain a victory at Eurovision? What can we expect from the writing team for her song ‘Amanecer’ ? Will we get something new and fresh from Spain at Eurovision 2015? Let us know.



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTVE.ES




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  1. Hola, me llamo Lucia, soy la directora de y me gustaria deciros que me gusta mucho que presenteis a nuestra candidata con este articulo, y que ademas tengais altas espectativas de españa este año, pues vamos a pisar muy fuerte el escenario de Viena seguro. España este año va a por la victoria, tenerlo seguro¡ un saludo amigos¡

    • Hola Lucía. Nos encanta su sitio – que siempre leemos. Estamos tan ansiosos de ver y escuchar la canción de España este año. Usted tiene una gran cantante – nos encantó ‘Painkiller’ y esperamos que la canción estará lleno de energía. España 12 Puntos

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