Countdown of Conchita Wurst’s Top Fashion Moments of 2014 Part 2

Conchita Wurst and the DR Big Bandet. Photo : Melodi Grand Prix YouTube

Conchita Wurst and the DR Big Bandet. Photo : Melodi Grand Prix YouTube

Countdown of Conchita Wurst’s Top Fashion Moments of 2014 Part 2

Conchita Wurst is known for winning Eurovision but over the course of 2014 she has become a style icon. So we asked two of her most keen supporters and fashionistas to count down Conchita’s best looks of 2014. Yesterday we had the thoughts of Angie Tilly Marper. Today we turn to our good friend Michelle Topham from the wonderful site Leo Sigh (Check it out HERE) who wrote for Eurovision Ireland before on ‘Why Women Like Conchita Wurst so much?’


Let me begin this by saying I never read ‘Top Outfits Worn By (insert celebrity name here)’ lists. That’s because I think choosing the top outfits a celebrity wore, by definition, means the outfits not mentioned were supposedly ‘lesser than’, and that to me is disrespectful. To the artist who wore them, and to the designer that created them.

So, when I was asked to write an article for Eurovision Ireland about Conchita Wurst’s Top 3 Fashion Moments of 2014, I almost said “No”. I love the woman. I don’t ever want to say anything about the clothing she wears that could possibly hurt her or the designer and, frankly, she has worn so many beautiful outfits in 2014, and looked so amazing in all of them, who on earth could feasibly choose three?


Conchita Wurst - Queen of Fashion. Photo : Wikimedia

Conchita Wurst – Queen of Fashion. Photo : Wikimedia

But then I decided to approach it from this angle – Conchita Wurst’s Top 3 Fashion Moments of 2014: 3 Outfits Representing The Hundreds of Amazing Outfits She’s Also Worn – because, let’s face it, if there has been another woman who has had a bigger impact on the European fashion industry in 2014 than Conchita Wurst, I can’t think of one.

What is even more fabulous about her and her sense of style is Conchita Wurst is, in reality, a 26-year-old Austrian man. A man whose fashion sense is better than the vast majority of women I know.

And sure Tom Neuwirth (the man behind Conchita Wurst) has a degree in fashion. But, having a fashion education is one thing. Looking better in women’s clothing than most of the women the clothes were originally designed for – there’s something so fabulously awesomely cool about that, I’m the woman’s biggest fangirl every time I see her in a new design.

So, onto the three outfits I’ve chosen from the many incredible looks Conchita Wurst had in 2014.


Jean Paul Gaultier dress – La Fete de la Musique, Paris.


This stunning Jean Paul Gaultier dress swayed like a bell when she moved, and was so sheer in its design and so delicate, it accentuated how tiny she really is. A beautiful dress – elegant and chic, and so very very French.


JChoerl (Juergen Christian Hoerl) dress – Trachtenpärchenball, Vienna

Conchita wears a lot of designs by Austrian designer JChoerl. Designs that have been some of the most stunning she has worn. This one in particular was gorgeous. A floor-length strapless black gown with a pattern of black almost polka dots on it, you could tell the minute she appeared on camera, and the way she flung the skirt around with her hand, she knew she looked incredible it. Elegant, sophisticated and so feminine, she couldn’t have looked lovelier.


JChoerl (Juergen Christian Hoerl) dress

Starweihnacht bei Alfons Haider, Vienna.

Michelle has already beautifully written about this fashion moment for Conchita so you can read about it on the above link.

Guest Author : Michelle Topham


Michelle Topham is a British writer who currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.  She’s the founder and editor ofLeo Sigh, a website that celebrates celebrities, and one of Conchita Wurst’s biggest fans. How do we know that? She just had Conchita Wurst’s beard tatooed on her arm.

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