POLL : Did Belarus select the right song for Eurovsion 2015?

Uzari and Maimuna- Winners. Photo :

Uzari and Maimuna- Winners. Photo :

Poll – Did  Belarus select the right song for Eurovision 2015?

We ask this as there was a vast difference between the Public and Jury votes tonight in their selection process. Muzzart won the Public vote comfortably and ensuring that they got 12 votes.

Public Vote In Belarus

Public Vote In Belarus

However when it came to the 7 jury members – only 3 of them voted for Muzzart and relegated them to 7th position over all.

The ultimate winners Uzari and Maimuna came 3rd with the public and 1st with the jury members.

Final Vote in Belarus

Final Vote in Belarus

So in a contest where the public make up one eighth of the overall vote we want to know if you think that the right song won? Milki and Muzzart were the favourites going into the contest and finished 4th and 7th respectfully despite coming second and first with the public.

Let us know what you think? This seems to have divided people on Twitter tonight and #Eurofest was trending across Europe.


Give us your thoughts.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Ohh, all public votes has the same weight as a SINGLE jury member…!

    By letting public and jury have the same weitght it would have become a much closer call (old Melodifestivalen system).
    Who knows what would have happened if the new Melodifestivalen system was used (same total points as jury but percentage of votes allocation). Will actual voting numbers be released?

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