Malta : Live Running Blog for the Maltese Eurovision 2015 National Final – #JoinUs #Together

Malta Eurovision 2015 National Selection Final. Photo : Wikipedia

Malta Eurovision 2015 National Selection Final. Photo : Wikipedia

Welcome to our Live Running Blog for the Maltese Eurovision 2015 National Final – #JoinUs #Together as we give our thoughts on the show and the songs. Make sure to let us know your thoughts. You know the drill and just refresh the page for our thoughts on the show.

The show starts at 20:45 (CET) and you can watch it live LIVE HERE on TVM and on Eurovision.TV HERE


Running Order



  1. Breakaway – Glen Vella
  2. 12,Baker Str – Karen Debattista
  3. Once In a While – Domnic
  4. Chasing a Dream – Trilogy
  5. Closed Doors – Chris Grech
  6. Love and Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters
  7. Fandango – Jessika
  8. Its’ Ok – Deborah C
  9. Warrior – Amber
  10. Beautiful to Me – L-Aħwa
  11. Still Here – Franklin
  12. Rush – Christabelle
  13. The one that you Love – Lawrence Gray
  14. Something in the Way – Daniel Testa



You have the sweet tones of Andrew James Main guiding you through tonight’s show. So hold on to your hats as this show has it all.from Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst to a former Eurovision contestant to the Ekklesia Sisters.


#ConchitaHeroes. Photo : Conchita Wurst Facebook

#ConchitaHeroes. Photo : Conchita Wurst Facebook

Welcome to my rolling blog for the Grand Final of the Malta Song for Europe. Andrew James Main here fresh from my trip to Malta for Junior Eurovision and I have been so jealous of Garrett and the guys who stayed on or travelled out to watch it this week. Thanks to Phil and John for covering the Semi Final last night which I always watched and was brainwashed into opening an account with Mediterranean Bank.

So the show begins with a resume of last years Eurovision Song Contest winner. Then Conchita comes on to sing Rise Like A Pheonix.

Now we have the hosts for the evening giving us the usual banter, sorry it is in Maltese and I wasn’t there long enough to pick up the words. They are talking about the voting that much I know. We are introduced to the International Jury. One from Sweden, Italy, Armenia, a random journalist and an older woman whose purpose escapes me. We are introduced to the first 4 songs now and the show begins.


Breakaway – Glen Vella

The first song of the night from Glen Vella who is no stranger to Eurovision. Glen in a silver jacket with accompanying dancers singing very confidently. This is an instant upbeat pop song from Glen. In good voice vocally nice and strong and catchy as. This is a very good opener to the show. The acrobatic with the hoop seems a rather worthless addition to the routine. But I like this a lot.


12,Baker Str – Karen Debattista

On next in the sometimes dreaded position two is this song written by Emil and Elton, whom I met last week. It is another very pleasant song and Karen has a really sweet voice. There are occasional moment when her tuning wavers a little bit but this is a feel good kind of song and the introduction of the sax solo is great. This is the sort of song I could see doing rather well at Eurovision as it is a little bit different to the normal tedium we see there. Well done Karen good job done.



Once In a While – Dominic

Dominic up next with a bit of Maltese rock.  Good vocals and this song fairly keeps the interest up. Quite colourful setting for this and he is backed by a full rock group on stage. It is more soft rock rather than the harder rock I tend to like but still it is catchy and memorable. Another confident performance this is already proving to be an interesting mix of genres already tonight.


After a long ad break we move onto the next song.

Chasing a Dream – Trilogy

Trilogy includes Ludwig who sung for Malta many moons ago with Julie. This is him along with a girl and a guy hence Trilogy. It is a very opera light kind of song and is barely midtempo. This is the sort of dramatic song that has done quite well at Eurovision in the past and indeed for Ludwig himself when he last went to Eurovision. Vocally its perfectly fine but the song is slightly wide of the mark for me and my taste.




Closed Doors – Chris Grech

A very strong vocal performance from Chris with his raspy gruff rock voice. Very moody and another rock light kind of song. It is decent but I think lacking a little for Eurovision these days. Don’t get me wrong it is a good song in what is already proving to be a good Final so far. Well done Chris for a great performance you gave it you all.




Love and Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters

Ok here we go, its time for everyone on Malta’s favourite set of Nuns. Many people have them as favourite and I am sure they would appeal to the sweet vote in many parts of Europe. As a vocal group together they sing this sickly sweet song really nicely but the main lead vocal is shaky and off tone as well. Otherwise I would fall this message of hope and peace for all the children of the world. I can see it winning but really hope for the sake of Malta progressing to the Eurovision Final  it does not. Malta choose very wisely. Hopefully the Jury wont get it.




Fandango – Jessika

Now this has fanboy favourite stamped all over it. A harp check dancers check a heavy electronica dance beat check. Jessica singing a catchy Europop song double check. This is the sort of thing that many countries , including Malta have sent to Eurovision before. Will Malta go for this kind again? There are lots of others to beat but it is a good  performance from Jessica.



Its’ Ok – Deborah C

Now we have Deborah C with a really catchy number which is indeed OK.  Guitars and good vocals here. This is the kind of song that can really do well at Eurovision and would be preferable to the nuns.  Really like this and has my foot tapping away in time . Well done indeed.




Warrior – Amber

Now we have drama on the stage from Amber. A great voice and vocal and such a dramatic performance. This is head and shoulders above many of the others. Surely Malta will choose wisely and pick this song, I think it would do very well at Eurovision so lets hope it gets the votes required to achieve that. You can tell I like it a lot eh? Well done Amber you go girl. Great reaction from the crowd even better than the nuns.



Beautiful to Me – L-Aħwa

Doctor Eurovision hits the stage now Malta style with his extended family the only person missing is Jeremy who works in IT. It is a virtual copy to the last song we seen him take to Eurovision. Then it was his time but not sure this time is his time too. Its a perfectly pleasant singalong ditty and its sung very well by the whole clan but I do not see it wowing the voters enough to win through.



Still Here – Franklin

This has Eurovision winner written all over it, no wait it has a Eurovision winner who wrote it, Alex Rybak is the author and the cute cuddly Franklin is the singer. He is actually doing really well here as the song is not that special.  Great vocal with lots of feeling and the key change and high notes are spot on tonight. A great performance I can see this doing well tonight.



Rush – Christabelle

This a song that passed me by in the Semi Final. No idea why as its rather good.  Or the performance is so much better and stand out tonight. Very catchy and good vocals from Christabelle. I would normally say this is in with a chance but it is up against so many other good performances in the Final. Could be an interesting set of votes later.




The one that you Love – Lawrence Gray

Lawrence Grey has tried to get to Eurovision about a million times and you cannot fault his effort. He is sitting at the old Joanna with a decent effort. A really nice song which builds well and is vocally good. It is song with a lot of mood to it but not sure it has quite enough to win the golden ticket to Vienna.




Something in the Way – Daniel Testa

Last song of the night  from the very youthful Daniel. Ex Junior Eurovision contestant tries for the big stage . His song is catchy enough as far pop songs go. His vocal is a tad weak though.  But overall a decent performance for the end of the show so will be remembered by some for that reason and he is darn cute.



So that is it. All the songs have been heard. We now get a recap of the songs for the voters.


Interval Acts


First up we have the dayglo dancers who were also at Junior Eurovision, big electronica dance beats.

A look at the building of the arena and behind the scenes followed by another recap.

Then we have a countdown to zero for the voting to close in the Green Room.

More dancers on now left over from Junior.

After an extra long ad break we are back with the lovely Firelight from last year.

Firelight sing another song called Talk Dirty accompanied by a geezer on the fiddle.

Then they sing their new single.

Now we have Electro ballet. I kid you not!

Conchita is on now with her new song Heroes.

Another and hopefully extra long ad break before the voting starts.





Results are in.

Amber gets 12 from the televote, with the Nuns 2nd

The first jury goes to Glen vella 3rd, Rush is 2nd and 1st is Warrior again.

2nd Jury give 12 to Amber again.

3rd Jury give 12 to Amber.

4th Jury give 12 to Amber.

It looks like a landslide victory.

Last jury give Amber 12 points

Amber will go to Vienna with Warrior. Bravo Malta a good choice and a chance to make the final.

Delighted for Malta and Amber. Thank you to Malta for a great show and for Junior Eurovision last week.

The memories I have of my time in Malta will last me a lifetime, hope you all enjoyed the show too.







Author : Andrew James Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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