Eurovision 2014

Yet another X-Factor contestant enters the Irish Eurovision 2015 search

Ben Quinlan for Eurovision 2015? Photo :

Ben Quinlan for Eurovision 2015? Photo :

What is it about X-Factor and the Irish selection for Eurovision 2015. We have already had Mary Byrne and Jedward express their desire to go to Vienna. We then had Louis Walsh publicly saying that Orla Keogh and Janet Grogan should look to the contest to further their careers.

Now Ben Quinlan who entered the UK’s X-Factor this year and made it to Bootcamp (where he was unceremoniously ousted from the contest by judge Mel B) has confirmed not only that he is interested in entering the Irish Eurovision selection but he has already submitted a song!

“It’s very new, very fresh, it’s an Irish pop song with a funky twist. If I’d actually performed it at X Factor I wouldn’t have been able to enter it into the Eurovision”

Followers of the show will probably remember him more as the singer who gave Cheryl Cole a green rose in the auditions. However Mel B was not so impressed and ejected him from her category when he sang ‘9 to 5’ at Bootcamp.

Is Ben right for Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Star


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