Eurovision 2014

Louis Walsh urges X-Factor contestant to enter Eurovision for Ireland

Louis Walsh urges X-Factor Contestant to enter Eurovision 2015. Photo ; Tellymix

Louis Walsh urges X-Factor Contestant to enter Eurovision 2015. Photo ; Tellymix

It wouldn’t be October without X-Factor and it wouldn’t be Eurovision without Louis Walsh getting in on the act! He has brought Jedward, Johnny Logan and Linda Martin to Eurovision success and this week he has thrown in his comments on Eurovision 2015.

If you were watching the UK’s X-Factor last week you will have seen a singer from Ireland called Janet Grogan missing out on Simon Cowell’s Final 6 singers.

“I told Simon he was making a big mistake sending off Janet but he just wouldn’t listen that day.I told him he should keep her above all the others, now he really regrets it but it’s too late.”

The Dublin singer is completely new to people’s attention. Walsh said

“I can’t believe I have never heard of Janet Grogan before. She’s a real talent and a fantastic performer. I just love her. She… should go for Eurovision.”

It also looks as if Louis has also brought back another Dublin contestant from bootcamp who Cheryl gave the axe to – Orla Keogh. It is reported that she will be Louis’ wildcard selection for the live shows.

X-Factor was where Louis met Jedward and took them to Eurovision success in 2011 and 2012. However he also brought Johnny Logan and Linda Martin to Eurovision glory at the contest and least we should forget gave us Boyzone and Westlife.

Do you think that Janet Grogan could be good for Eurovision?

Another name being mentioned is that of Mary Byrne who made it to the Semi-Finals of X-Factor in 2010. She has been signed to Sony Music, Universal and currently with Decca Records. She has been in theatre recently with the musical ‘Grease’. We are hearing that a well-known songwriter is interested in sending Mary to Eurovision – What do you think of her as an option?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Don’t forget Jump The Gun Gareth. Louis brought them to Eurovision also. I think “the hit’ formula this year will get us a song that can finish top 10 in eurovision

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