Heads of delegation tell us what’s what

Malta heart flag

You must have heard of heads of delegation. You might even be one. But what do they do?  In short, they’re in charge of the group of people that goes to a contest.  They can front the press conferences, organise accommodation and interviews, and generally make everything run smoothly for their country and the contest itself.  Heads of delegation are therefore our friends.

But they’ve been in Malta making the final arrangements for the forthcoming Junior Eurovision.  You know this because of the image heading this article.  And unless you’ve been caving in Indonesia, you’ll know that it takes place on Saturday 15 November, live from the Malta Shipbuilding.

But what have they discussed?  Well, as you will have seen, no running order has yet been published.  The word is that this will be determined at the opening party on Sunday 9 November.  Malta – as hosts – will randomly pick their position.  Positions 1 and 16 – first and last – will then be filled at random.  Host broadcaster PBS will then decide the running order of the remaining 13 countries.  Because of the way the order is drawn, a separate schedule will be drawn up for the rehearsal schedule.  So when the rehearsal reports start appearing next month (on Eurovision Ireland, naturally), you now know why.

Stay tuned for more news on the little sibling of Europe’s favourite TV show.

Author/Editor John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Irerland


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