Eurovision 2014

Switzerland : Watch the first Eurovision 2015 Selections videos from the Swiss – ‘Cocktails’ to ‘Hardcore Marijuana’

Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection. Photo : Wikipedia

Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection. Photo : Wikipedia

Cuckoo – the first Swiss Eurovision 2015 song selections are on-line for you to watch and the Swiss have not disappointed with the wonderful and the weird! The songs come from artists from Switzerland, Ireland, The UK and Turkey.

The first songs uploaded to the SRF platform are available to watch now and there are a few corkers in there that we have picked out for you. You can watch the latest songs/videos that have been uploaded HERE on the SRF Platform


The songs range in genre as well as musicality and some have brought a smile to our faces. The Swiss are tripping on some ‘Hardcore Marijuana’ which is best described as Scooter for 2015. That is washed down with some rapping from Like Leto. More Hilfiger than Eminem. Then there are The United and they come from Liverpool! They have 2 songs uploaded and they are great electro-funk even though the vocals seem to have gone on an Alpine vacation. Finally we have some good Swiss Alpine Schlager from Zéphyr Combo and their quirky ‘Avide do Soleil’.

Thank you again Switzerland for the SRF song selection. This is the gift that keeps giving.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SRF


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