Eurovision 2014

Macedonian National Finalists for Eurovision 2015 Announced – Vlatko Ilievski & Tamara return for a second chance!

Vlatko Ilievski ESC 2011. Photo : YouTube

Vlatko Ilievski ESC 2011. Photo : YouTube

Macedonian National Broadcaster (MRT) have announced the 20 acts that will compete for the honour of representing Macedonia at Eurovision 2015. There are some familiar faces!

Skopjefest will be taking place on November 12th in Skopje – and Eurovision Ireland will be there to cover the event live.

The songs will be accompanied by the MRT National Orchestra that includes 54 musicians. The event will take place in the amazing Metropolis Arena in Skopje and you host for the night will be the famous Macedonian Actor Vasil Zafircev.

Vasil Zafircev. Photo : Wikipedia

Vasil Zafircev. Photo : Wikipedia

The running order of the performances will take place by a draw the day before the contest.

The artistic director of the festival “Skopje 2014” – Valentino Skenderovski said “The selected tracks enter the stage of musical, textual and arranger production and recording in one of the musical studios of the Macedonian Radio Television”.


20 Finalists


  1. Risto Samardziev & Vlatko Ilievski – ‘North-South’
  2. Lena Zatkoska – ‘Hello’
  3. Aleksandra Janeva – ‘In Your World’
  4. Nade Talevska – ‘I Know’
  5. Sanja Gjosevska – ‘I Want To Fly’
  6. Viktoria Loba – ‘I’m missing someone like you’
  7. Goran Naumovski & Sanja Kilkes – ‘A Moment Without You’
  8. Lidija Kucovska & Marjan Stojanovski – ‘Sunshine Through The Clouds’
  9. Vera Jankovik – ‘I Want to Fly’
  10. Evgenija Cavcalova – ‘If I Don’t Love You’
  11. Danijel Kajmakoski – ‘Perfect Storm’
  12. Tamara Todevska – ‘Sinking Ship’
  13. Aleksandar Tarabunov – ‘Maria’
  14. Dimitar Andonovski – ‘Everything I Promised’
  15. Verica Pandilovska – ‘Just For You’
  16. Tanja Carovska – ‘I Miss You Like Hell’
  17. Mijata – ‘Deep Down Inside me’
  18. Joce Panov – ‘Neither “L” From Love’
  19. Aleksandra Mihova – ‘Heart Keeps Memories’
  20. Saso Gigov-Gis – ‘Blues’


Some of the the big news is that Macedonia’s 2011 Eurovision representative Vlatko Ilievski will compete again but this time as part of a duo with Risto Samardziev. However he will not have it his own way as the competition is fierce. There is another winner Tamara taking part and Viktoria Loba who represented Macedonia at Junior Eurovision 2003. Nade Talevska was the backing singer for Macedonia in 2008 while Daniel Kajmakoski is the Balkan X-factor winner and Dimitar Andonovski was a backing singer for Tijana this year in Copenhagen! This is the cream of crop as for Macedonian musicians!

The winner will be decided by a 50/50 Jury/Public vote.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : MRT


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