Dreamworks Studios Snap Up Conchita Wurst For Hollywood Movie

Conchita Wurst as Eva the Snow Owl in 'The Penguins of Madagascar'. Photo : Wikipedia

Conchita Wurst as Eva the Snow Owl in ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’. Photo : Wikipedia

Dreamworks Studios have snapped up Conchita Wurst for their new Hollywood movie and it has a wonderful sense of irony to it too.

Conchita is set to provide the voice for Eva the Snow Owl in the next movie in the Madagascar series ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’. Eva is an espionage agent for the organisation “North Wind” in the movie. However the twist of fate is that the character has a Russian accent!

That is either irony or life imitating art as we all know that the Russian government has not been huge supporters of Conchita’s winning of the Eurovision song contest, so her selection to play a Russian character in #Inspired!

Conchita will be providing the voice of Eva for the German-speaking edition of the movie and you will be able to hear her from Thursday November 27th in German and Swiss cinemas and from Friday 28th of November in Austria.

Conchita makes this the second Eurovision winner this year to be involved in a Dreamworks movie as Alexander Rybak provided a song for ‘How to train your Dragon 2’.

Eurovision is breaking into the mainstream so watch out all you doubters!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Conchita Wurst Facebook

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  1. Yes it’s fabulous and certainly an inspirational choice! ❤ I'm sure this wont be the first time her voice will be used, she could sell ice to Eskimos. Her speaking voice is as amazing as her singing voice and I'm sure she will be in great demand. We will hear and see her again and again! ❤ ❤ xxx

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