Eurovision 2014

NORWAY : Alexander Rybak Gets His Fiddle Out For Hollywood

Alexander Rybak 'Into A Fantasy'. Photo :

Alexander Rybak ‘Into A Fantasy’. Photo :

Yesterday saw Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak release his new song and video for ‘Into A Fantasy’ that is taken from the new Dreamworks movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’, I didn’t know there was a part 1!


Being on a soundtrack for an animation movie can be a lucrative venture if you strike the right note at the box office and on the airwaves. Sure who hasn’t downloaded Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ from the movie ‘Despicable Movie 2’? God I still love that song and movie!


Or who hasn’t heard the soundtrack of ‘Frozen’ performed by their nieces and nephews time and time again and says “why didn’t I think of that” when you see this video?


Will ‘Into a Fantasy’ be a global success, be nominated for an Oscar and be on every 5 year olds wish list? Well let’s see how successful the movie is first and then we will see how crazy kids will be for the song. Alexander on his fiddle again channelling ‘Fairytale’ again. Well that scored pretty well back in 2009 but are we all fiddled out by now?

Rybak took to Facebook to say


“BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS! Oh, and watch my new music video 

I am very happy to have my song on the soundtrack to “How To Train Your Dragon 2”. But most of all, I am happy that I actually followed my dream and desire to record the song, and send it to Dreamworks only weeks before the premiere! I’m a huge fan of both John Powell and Jonsi, so it’s extra fun that I can be on the same album as them!!

Believe in your talent, and believe in your dreams. All we have in life is each other and our dreams. And if we wouldn’t dare to dream, no dreams would ever come true!

I hope that you enjoy this music video, that you get inspired by these happy people and beautiful Norwegian mountains, that you will see Dreamworks’ new amazing movie How To Train Your Dragon 2, and that if you like this song, you will share it with all of your friends!

As always, thanks for staying. Alexander”


What do you think of ‘Into a Fantasy’?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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