Eurovision 2014

Romania : Paula Seling sounding very much like Jessie J as she goes ‘Solo’

Paula Seling feat. TUAN - Solo. Photo : Paula Seling Facebook

Paula Seling feat. TUAN – Solo. Photo : Paula Seling Facebook

The stunning Paula Seling (Eurovision 2010 and 2014) releases her new song ‘Solo’. The ‘Playing with Fire’ and ‘Miracle’ singer has replaced her usual partner Ovi for Romanian rapper Tuan.

This is a pop song with a heavy drum beat to it that acts as a good contrast to Paula’s soft vocals. This is a departure for Paula from her jazz and orchestral/hymns pieces like ‘Ridica-voi ochii’ and ‘Ave Maria’ that we reviewed recently.

‘Solo’ reminds me of ‘Price tag’ by Jessie J with the hooks in the chorus. I like the raping by Tuan in the song too. It adds a modern twist to the song which is not your typical Seling song unless you look back to her 2010 national selection song ‘It’s Not Too Late” with rapper Kamara that I liked a lot!

We all know that Paula has an amazing range in her voice. I wish the producers had let her really push her vocals towards the end of the song as it would have just lifted the song that extra step. We know Paula’s work I was waiting for that big power moment and it almost came.

I would really like to see Paula mix her pop/jazz and celestial music together. I could see her doing vocals on a song by the German band Enigma who gave us ‘Sadness Part 1’ and ‘Return to Innocence’.

Besides that ‘Solo’ is a song that after 2 listens to I was hooked on and found myself humming along to – ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’ – and that is always a good sign of radio friendly song.

Marks out of 12 – it has to be 10 points.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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