New Music From Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst

Conchita in the Studio. Photo : Conchita Official facebook

Conchita in the Studio. Photo : Conchita Official facebook

When will we hear new music from ‘The Queen of Europe’ the Unstoppable Conchita Wurst? That has been the question fans have been asking. Our answer is “All in good time”. However today in an interview with Austrian Media some details have been revealed by Conchita herself.

Firstly Conchita posted a picture of herself in the recording studio saying

“Hello from the Studio, hope you’re having a great start into a productive week as well!

Austrian website OE24 say that they believe a new song from Conchita could be heard in November with a new album next year.

In an interview with ‘Ö3′ Conchita said of her current recording

“It’s going well and it runs at the speed I want. I am pleased that the desire is so great, but the songs are not as perfect as I want them.”

You can listen to the interview HERE

Conchita will be in Vienna for this week recording new material.

OE24 speculate that rumours say we will hear new music in November but Conchita would not verify that saying

“What we currently have on the table very consistent. It is dramatic, but also a bit more sex appeal….. Whether my plan was the right one, we will all see in a few months.”

Since winning Eurovision Conchita has been touring Europe extensively at festivals and Pride celebrations. What is clear is that she has been playing with a live band whenever she had the opportunity and has been singing different genres of music from Cher to Tina Turner to The Mamas and Papas.

Many sites have been complaining that new music from Conchita was taking too long to come out. Well take for example Celine Dion who won Eurovision in 1988 in Dublin. It wasn’t really until 1990 that she had new material that the general public tuned in to. ‘Where does my heart beat now’ went went Top 10 in America and her home country of Canada and #20 in France, 23 in Belgium and #72 in the UK. So that was a 2 year wait for quality material. As for Abba winning in 1974 they had come to Eurovision with an album in hand but it was not until late 1975 that they had a follow up hit in Sweden with ‘Fernando’ and across Europe with ‘I do, I do, I do’ and ‘SOS’.

So all good things come to those who wait – as was the message that Conchita gave us when we spoke to her in Dublin during the Summer.

Conchita spoke as to why there has been no dance remixes of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’

In other news Conchita was made an Honorary Citizen of her home town Bad Mitterndorf over the weekend. Speaking of the honour she said 

“Now, as I travel around the world a lot, I only learn to appreciate how beautiful my home is. …Yes, I fall in love straight away again in this beautiful area here.”


What style of music would you like to hear from Conchita?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OE24 and OE3




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    • Not really. Her team have consolidated her win through touring and press interest is there and it will grow as ESC 2015 comes around. There is no point in putting out an album of covers or rushed songs as that will get slated. Best to get it right and there are other things brewing 😉

  1. Thank you Garett! ❤ You can never rush recording, especially when it's your first "package", the public will judge her on this. She can take as long as she likes…. and I guarantee (I hope I'm not wrong … I'll feel very foolish if I am :/) there will be no voice auto tune or silly "effects", what we will get will be pure Conchita! XX I can't wait but it WILL be worth waiting for.! 🙂 ❤ xx

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