‘The Voice’ and ‘Eurovision’ Crossing Paths

The Voice and Eurovision. Photo :

The Voice and Eurovision. Photo :

Who would have thought that ‘The Voice’ and Eurovision would become loveable bedfellows. I was shocked and had that Bruce Jenner permanent look of surprise on my face but that is what is happening across Europe. ‘The Voice’ is the show that prides itself on finding an act for their voice and not their appearance. Maybe I should change that Bruce Jenner comment!

The show has gone on to huge success in some parts of the world and it seems to be the place where former Eurovision singers are finding a niche. So we decided to take a look around Europe and see where former Eurovision artists are hanging out at the moment. The show may have different names in each country but we will refer to each as ‘The Voice’ so no need to come screaming to us!

‘The Voice Of Poland’ – This is like shooting fish in a barrel as my Grandfather would say. You don’t just get one Eurovision singers but you get two. Edyta Gorniak was Poland’s first Eurovision representative back in 1994 with “To nie ja”. She came second that year. Then in 1995 the operatic skills of Justyna Steczkowska  and her wonderful song “Sama” represented Poland. Well both singers are back on ‘The Voice of Poland’ but this is the first time they have been on the show at the same time.

What is worth noting is that Edyta Gorniak took to Facebook back at the end of 2013 to say that she was abandoning TV judging on ‘The Voice’ to concentrate on her music. Well that concentration didn’t last that long as she is now back as a mentor on the hit show. Also worth noting is that Magdalena Tul who represented Poland at Eurovision in 2011 then went on to be a participant in ‘The Voice of Poland’ in 2013.


‘The Voice Of Armenia’ – We are back to those fish in a barrel again because we have 2 Eurovision singers judging in the Armenian version of the show. First up is the apricot loving ‘Eva Rivas’ (2010) and the heart bleeding Hayko (2007).

‘The Voice Of Ireland’ – No longer on the show but Irish Eurovision representative Brian Kennedy stepped up to being a judge on the show. When the ‘Every song is cry for love’ singer left the show he reappeared on the RTE show ‘The Hit’. Brian was replaced on ‘The Voice’ by English R-n-B singer Jamelia.

‘The Voice of Bulgaria’ – Well that white leather and all shining Miro has been proving that he has the magic touch on the show. You will remember Miro from Eurovision 2010.

‘The Voice of Israel’ – Sarit Hadad asked you to ‘Light a Candle’ for her back at Eurovision in 2002 but she is now just wanting to light up her chair and find herself a ‘Voice Winner’.

‘The Voice of Russia’ – 2008 Eurovision winner Dima Bilan will again be a coach on the very successful show. In 2013 the show was used to select Russia’s representative at Eurovision and that was Dina Garipova. Will the country do the same again this year? We are still waiting for official confirmation from the Russian Delegation.

‘The Voice Of The Netherlands’ – They have The Common Linnets star Ilse De Lange who came second at this year’s Eurovision song contest on the show.

‘The Voice of Lithuania’ – Well if the show is as lengthy as their 2014 Eurovision selection contest, then the winner of ‘The Voice of Lithuania’ should have the stamina to win Eurovision. 2012 Eurovision finalist Donny Montell should have no problem in the ‘Love is Blind Auditions’.


‘The Voice of Portugal’ may have no Eurovision singers as judges but it had Rui Drumond who represented Portugal at Eurovision in 2005 as part of 2B enter ‘The Voice’ in 2014 and guess what – he won the contest!

‘The Voice UK’ – This show had a shocker. Jay Aston was one-quarter of Eurovision band Bucks Fizz who won the contest in 1981 in Dublin. She entered ‘The Voice’ in 2013 and performed the rock song ‘Time is Running Out’. The judges weren’t in the mood for ‘Making Your Mind Up’ and failed to put Jay through the blind auditions.


So when will the paths of ‘The Voice’ and Eurovision cross again?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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