Listen to Emmelie de Forest’s coming of age as she is ‘Drunk Tonight’

Emmelie de Forest - 'Drunk Tonight' Released. Photo : Emmelie de Forest Facebook

Emmelie de Forest – ‘Drunk Tonight’ Released. Photo : Emmelie de Forest Facebook

Emmelie de Forest has just released the follow-up to her gold selling Eurovision 2014 these song ‘Rainmaker’ and the Danish Girl is now a woman.

‘Drunk Tonight’ is the new song from de Forest and its certainly not like her previous offerings. The song is provocative and not as pop driven as her earlier releases.

A strong R-n-B drum beat forms the centerpiece of ‘Drunk Tonight’ and this is her first venture into the sultry ballad. It certainly is not your classic “Eurovision Song” that many want to peg her into. Strong vocals on this song push it from teen pop to adult maturity.

It is a song that one calls a “Grower” which for me is always better as it ensures that you will not tire of the song. Couple with this a new-found sexuality and sensuality from Emmelie as you can see from the teasers of her video for ‘Drunk Tonight’. Would the ‘Only Teardrops’ singer have cast her clothes aside last year – I think not. Only her shoes in 2013 however her femininity does not seem contrived but more a natural growth. SEE HERE

In an industry that is mainly looking for something new from artists, then this musical and visual growth should certainly have people tuning into Emmelie to take a sneak peek.

A pleasant surprise from the Woman Emmelie de Forest.

You can listen and download ‘Drunk Tonight’ HERE and on iTunes


What do you make of ‘Drunk Tonight’?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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