Kate Ryan pulls an Aram Mp3 and releases ‘Not Alone’

Kate Ryan. Photo : Kate Ryan Twitter

Kate Ryan. Photo : Kate Ryan Twitter

Belgian 2006 Eurovision singer Kate Ryan pulls an Aram Mp3 and releases ‘Not Alone’. Before you all start screaming that it is too soon to have a Eurovision cover version from the 2014 contest, this in an original song from the ‘Je t’adore’ singer.

You may remember Kate from Eurovision 2006 in Athens. She was one of the pre-contest favourites with her song ‘Je t’adore’. Not even her flourescent light sabers could save her from the “Dark Side” and she failed to qualify for the Grand final. Back then there was only 1 semi final and 23 songs competed for 10 places to progress to the Grand Final where they joined 14 pre-qualified countries. The other kiss of death was the typical dry Terry Wogan comment calling the song ‘Shut That Door’ – we so apologise for his actions here in Ireland.

‘Not Alone’ is a classic Ryan song as in it is a pure Eurodance track. This is one for the clubs of Brussels. Time to get your glow sticks out and do some big fish, small fish and fist pumping dance moves. Sung primarily in French but with an English chorus consisting of “We’re not alone” – hey even I can remember that one. Hey simplicity works best sometimes.

Kate Ryan was last in the Belgian charts back in 2012 with the song ‘Robots’ that peaked at #12. The subsequent songs ‘Light in the Dark’ and ‘Heart Flow’ did not chart. Is ‘Not Alone’ going to see a return to the charts? I think so.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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