Eurovision 2014

A Eurovision Alien Lands in the Charts – And we love it!

Alien24. Photo YouTube

Alien24. Photo YouTube

“A Eurovision Alien lands in the charts”. No we are not talking about the next film in the Alien series or a strange interval act at the contest. We are actually talking about a former winner of the Eurovision song contest making a splash in the charts this week in Eastern Europe with possibly his best music to date.

Alien24. Photo : Alien24 facebook

Alien24. Photo : Alien24 facebook

‘Alien24’ is the electronic duo of 2008 Eurovision winner Dima Bilan and DJ/Producer Andrey Cherney. They have come together to create this long-term musical project. We believe they have completed their first album and already working on a second. The first single from the duo is the electro/dance/funk anthem ‘Music is in my Soul’.

The song has just broken into the Russian Top 40 this week at #32. The song is by far the best music that I have heard from Dima Bilan and marks a far more mature funk inspired sound from the 2008 Eurovision winner. The song is performed in English and I hope signals that it will get a wider release across Europe.


This song is reminiscent of other great funk/dance acts like ‘Beloved’ and ‘Jamiroquai’. Too many dance tracks that are released are sterile and devoid of soul or warmth. Alien24 successfully introduces harmonies and interesting beats that make ‘Music is in my Soul’ a gem of a track. The video to accompany the song is modern and simple in its concept and Dima Bilan proves that he can bust a funky move of two.

By far the most exciting song I have heard from Dima Bilan and hopefully a taste of things to come for him, Andrey Cherney and Alien24.

Marks out of 12 – it has to be a Eurovision 12 Points.

You can download ‘Music is in my Soul’ on iTunes HERE




Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Alien24 Facebook

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