Eurovision 2014

ITALY : Emma Marrone’s Duet with David Bisbal is Released and Tour Dates Announced

Emma and David. Photo : YouTube

Emma and David. Photo : YouTube

Emma Marrone brought Italy to 21st place at the Eurovision Song contest in Copenhagen this year with her song ‘La mia città’. However that has not hindered her career as the Rock Chick has announced details of her upcoming concert dates and releases a new song as part of a duet.

Marrone has collaborated with David Bisbal on the new song ‘Hombre de tu vida/Man of Your Life’. All Eurovision fans out there should know who David Bisbal is. He narrowly missed out on representing Spain at Eurovision 2002 when he was runner-up to Rosa in the Spanish TV show Operación Triunfo (Spanish equivalent of Star Academy) but was one of her Spanish backing singers in Estonia. Since then he has gone on to be a Grammy winning singer and has sold over 5 million albums globally.

Bisbal and Marrone have released the song ‘Hombre de tu vida’. Here is a video of their performance at Marrone’s recent concert in Verona. The song is a what you would expect from Bisbal – a cheeky latin number with Summer written all over it. Marrone’s and Bisbal’s vocals compliment each other with her rock tones and his smooth latin vibe.

Sure to be a hit for both of them and would have been a welcome piece of “flava” at this year’s contest. Will Spain ever convince Bisbal to enter the contest? You can download ‘Hombre de tu vida’ on iTunes HERE

Emma 3.0. Photo : Emma Marrone Official Facebook

Emma 3.0. Photo : Emma Marrone Official Facebook

Marrone has announced details of her Tour in November simply called ‘Emma 3.0’. Tickets are now available and can be purchased HERE. Some of the venues being played are listed above.

Are you going to see Emma live and hasn’t David Bisbal grown into a fine handsome man?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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