Eurovision 2014

RUSSIA : The Tolmachevy Sisters ‘Go Away’ After Eurovision

Tolmachevy Twins. Photo : YouTube

Tolmachevy Twins. Photo : YouTube

Russia – The Tolmachevy Sisters – Russian Eurovision Representatives from 2014 and Junior Eurovision Winners – just want to ‘Go Away’ or as one says in Russian ‘Ukhodi’.
This is a collaboration with DJ Arnold and is a new sound for the twins. If you were looking for a song that is in stark contrast to their Eurovision song ‘Shine’ then this is it. Gone is the saccharine filled ballad and up comes a song more fitting to these teenagers. It is a dance track with some dub-step thrown in for good measure.

The song is sung in Russian which the sisters prefer to perform in. You want to hear my attempt at singing in Russian! I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone. However this song is lacking bite and edge to it. The drum beat doesn’t go hard enough for me and reach the levels of say Who See and Nina from Montenegro in 2013 or Vilija Matačiūnaitė from Lithuania this year. No denying that the sisters can sing but there is a distinct lack of use of harmonies in ‘Go Away’ which is an opportunity missed. It just sounds like they have doubled up on the vocals in the studio. One just needs to listen to an Abba song to see how harmonies can give depth to a song.

For a good dance/dub-step song to stand out there needs to be light and shade and this for me starts off in first gear and never really changes pace at all. The sisters deserve more as they are talented singers and had the courage to stand up and represent Russia this year at Eurovision when other bigger names in the Russian Music industry were afraid to take on the challenge.

For what they endured at Eurovision I hope that they get better songs in the future.

‘Go Away’ is dated and doesn’t show the potential of the sisters.

Marks out of 12 – Unfortunately this is just 3 points.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and Soundcloud


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