Eurovision 2014

UKRAINE : Alyosha leaves us ‘Unarmed’ as she bares all

Alyosha - 'Unarmed'. Photo : YouTube

Alyosha – ‘Unarmed’. Photo : YouTube

Alyosha may have taken a long time to get to Eurovision 2010 in Oslo with selections and re-selections but she has proven to be one of the more successful Ukrainian singers to come from the contest.

The song entitled ‘Bezoruzhnaia or Unarmed’ has been on the Ukrainian charts for 16 weeks now and has outsold Ani Lorak’s recent offering to date. The song has peaked at #3 in the charts but is still in the top 10 at #5.

The song is a mid tempo ballad but not all hearts and puppy dog eyes. From the first few seconds of the video you know that this is a candid song and visual performance from Alyosha.

According to Alyosha

Video filled with sexuality and revelation, as well as a dance game with choreographer Roman Dmytryk, who played the role of her lover. The ‘Unarmed’ girl in the video removes all in front of her man – their principles, their fear, their clothes. She is naked before him, body and soul.This video is for all who are able to love truly. Not for himself, but for the sake of another person. Revealing all the secret rooms of your soul, giving all that is, the whole itself”.

This is another and memorable song from the singer and it rivals her other songs like that of ‘Tochka Na Karte’ that is both musically and visually stunning.

The singer has come on leaps and bounds from the tiny woman in the hooded coat at Eurovision 4 years ago.


‘Unarmed’ is available on iTunes to download.


Marks out of 12 – Alyosha gets a 10 for ‘Unarmed’.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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