Azerbaijan : Arash & T-Pain give you some ‘Sex, Love Rock N Roll’

Arash and T-Pain. Photo : Arash Official Facebook

Arash and T-Pain. Photo : Arash Official Facebook

Azerbaijan – Eurovision’s Arash and international rapper T-Pain have teamed up and released a duet that is pure ‘Sex, Love, Rock N Roll’. This is an unapologetic Club Anthem that will have you getting your clothes wet as you hit the dance floor to this one.

The song was written by Faheed Rasheem Najm p/k/a “T-PAIN”, Arash Labaf, Robert Uhlmann and Pascal Languirand and was produced by Arash and Robert Uhlmann. Arash and Robert work a lot together as you will see below.

The video for ‘Sex, Love, Rock N Roll’ pays homage to the video game and has a slight ‘Tron’ look to it in parts. Guaranteed to be another monster hit for Arash like most of his other collaborations. Speaking of his collaborations his recent ‘One Day’ shows no sign of going away quietly.


Arash and Helena. Photo :

Arash and Helena. Photo :


Arash and Helena have found that perfect ‘One Day’ that has seen them climb to the top of the charts across Eastern Europe. Released back in March of this year it is still selling and making the Top 10 in parts of Europe.

It already made #1 in Ukraine and is climbing back up the charts there again. It peaked on the European Top 100 at #37 and has spent 14 weeks on the chart and guess what – it is going back up again.

The song is heading towards 6 million YouTube views and was shot on location in Erbil, Kurdistan ,Iraq. Arash is joined by the angelic vocals of a young singer called Helena. Her soft vocals fit the gentle mid tempo ballad that has a memorable hook in the chorus.

The song was written and produced by Arash and Robert Uhlmann and is a bilingual track. This is a perfect example of “less is more” and you just have to lament over a missed opportunity to see this song at Eurovision as it has winner stamped all over it.

‘One Day’ is ‘Always on my mind’ when I hit play on my iPod. Points out of 12 – If I could give more than 12 points I would. Love this song.

You can download your copy HERE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Sex/Love/R&R: I like the girl with the ink. A lot. The song couldn’t be more generic though. I mean it’s a nice traditional club beat, just completely generic, and same goes for everything about the song. Whoever produced it should be able to do better.

    One Day: This is actually a real song! Yes! Both vocals are nice and fit together well. I like his way of singing combined with the effects/autotune — it’s actually part of the music, instead of the way the effects are used in the other one- just a piece of texture that abruptly starts and stops with each syllable. This one flows. Good job whoever did that. I like all the little sonic details in the song, pleasant, has some new things for my ear which is always good. Glad it’s doing well.

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