Portugal Confirm Their Participation At Eurovision 2015

Portugal at Eurovision. Photograph courtesy of

Portugal at Eurovision. Photograph courtesy of

Today sees another country officially confirm their participation at Eurovision 2015. Still waiting for their first – and long overdue – win at Eurovision the Iberian jewel of Portugal will be at Eurovision in Austria next year.

ESCPORTUGAL in an interview with RTP (Portuguese National Broadcaster) Program Director Hugo Andrade, have said that the country will be at Eurovision 2015 in Austria.

Portugal celebrated their 50th Anniversary this year at Eurovision with their first participation back in 1964. They have entered the contest 47 times and their best result to date has been 6th place with the highly infectious ‘O meu coração não tem cor’ performed by Lúcia Moniz who went on to star in the British movie ‘Love Actually’ where she played the love interest of Colin Firth – a role that many people would have happily done for free!

Is 2015 the year that sees Portugal receive their well deserved Eurovision recognition? We hope so!



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall


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