Eurovision 2015 : Austrian Media Speculates Over Potential New Venue

Eurovision 2015 Austria. Photo : ESC Portugal

Eurovision 2015 Austria. Photo : ESC Portugal

Eurovision 2015 – The annual Eurovision Host City Speculation game is truly on its way. We reported earlier today that Austrian Media said that the dates for the contest would be May 19/21/23rd 2015. Now reports in the Austrian media suggest a potential second venue option for the Vienna bid.

The 3 potential host locations have been inspected and reviewed by ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) for their suitability for the contest. They are Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna. So is that just 3 venues? Possibly not!

To date the 3 potential venues being spoken of in the Eurovision race are as follows




However it is now being speculated that there is potentially a second venue in Vienna that could be considered. This is the area called Neu-Marx. It is a former abattoir in the centre of Vienna that covers 37 hectares of land. Here is the official link to the Neu-Marx website and a video showing the potential of the area.


This would require extensive work to be carried out on the area to make it ready for Eurovision 2015, however Copenhagen took on a similar project with the B&W Halls for this year’s contest. What this does is potentially give Vienna a second option to host Eurovision 2015 and at the same time regenerate a city centre location. You can read the Austrian article on the ORF site HERE

So where would you like to go for Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I agree Garrett, it should be in vienna as Graz i think would not be able to host 11,000 euro fans…I think we have around 8- 10 central hotels!!!.. which woud mean their prices for that week would be crazy. Vienna has a lot more and a better public transport system. Also to fly into or out of Graz is always way too expensive. Innsbruck have a great venue but its a bit remote and after 2 nights there you might be looking for the nearest autobahn for vienna as the nightlife is a little “quiet”!
    On the plus side if it is graz ” appartment to rent” in Graz from 15- 23 may :)))))
    “Vienna Calling”. I hope.

  2. I love the idea that Eurovision can play a very serious role in urban redevelopment/rejuvenation and leading the way in engaging the imagination of a host of entertainment-associated professionals in doing things differently. To many of my fellow Brits, Eurovision is frivolous and silly, but the idea that it could be offering the host city the opportunity to rethink utilization of urban space really adds a serious and meaningful edge to the competition.

    • Well put Martin. It is very much like what London pioneered in the 2012 Olympics by creating a sustainable environment and games. Neu-Marx would be a great project and legacy for Vienna

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