Eurovision 2012

FRANCE : Anggun Dazzles at the final of ‘Indonesia’s Got Talent’ and Her Bali Concert

Anggun. Photo :

Anggun. Photo :

France : French Eurovision 2012 representative Anggun may have failed to bring her country to the top of the contest but she has gone on to success at home and abroad – no more so in Indonesia.

Having won ‘World Music Awards’ she is also a regular judge on the highly popular ‘Indonesia’s Got Talent’ show. The Grand Final of the show took place over the weekend and the songbird come judge took to the stage with Ari Lasso in the results show.


The duo took to the stage for a 14 minute live set with Anggun doing most of the performing. A lot of local favourites were performed to the delight of the audience.


On August 16th Anggun will be performing with DJ Indyana in Bali to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. Hey if you are in the neighbourhood then why not drop by.

She may have finished in 22nd place at Eurovision 2012 but that has not hindered her career. Take heed other artists!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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