Eurovision 2014

SWEDEN : Eric Saade asks you to ‘Take A Ride’ with him.

Eric Saade - "Take a Ride". Photograph courtesy of Tumbler

Eric Saade – “Take a Ride”. Photograph courtesy of Tumbler

Sweden – Eric Saade is asking you to ‘Take A Ride’ with him in his new release. I don’t mind if I do thank you.

After coming 3rd at Eurovision in 2011, the ‘Popular’ singer has gone on to much success in Sweden and the surrounding Scandinavian countries.

He recently released the song ‘Take a Ride (Put ‘Em in the Air).

A song the resurrects the whistling that characterised some of his previous songs like ‘Popular’ and ‘Manboy’, this is no deep and meaningful song but just pure unadulterated schlager/pop music. Is pop music still a dirty word? I certainly hope not. This is a happy-go-lucky song that you can imagine listening to while having a few drinks in the garden on a summer’s day while having a few reindeer meatballs on the barbecue! Well it is Sweden after all and Rudolf crosses his legs at the thought!

Frivolous and catchy pop music. Marks out of 12 – Eric gets a 7 points.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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