Eurovision 2014

SWITZERLAND : Sebalter Releases ‘Saturday’ but on Friday!?!

Sebalter - 'Saturday'. Photo : Sebalter Facebook

Sebalter – ‘Saturday’. Photo : Sebalter Facebook

SWITZERLAND : He sings and plays the violin like Alexander Rybak but he has the advantage over the Norwegian. What he can do with his lips is amazing – when it comes to whistling that is! Yes Sebalter this year brought Switzerland back to the Eurovision Grand Final with his song ‘Hunter of Stars’. He now returns with a new song!

‘Saturday’ is the new song from the Swiss singer. Strangely he released it on Friday. I didn’t know what day of the week I was on and let’s face it I am not prepared to lose a precious day of my weekend. Crisis averted and the cheeky chappy has a new offering for us.

‘Saturday’ is another country/folk/pop inspired song. Catchy hooks from the first 10 seconds of the song. Guitars, violins, bass and drums – this is a toe tapping cheerful song that is sure to get the audience going on his tour.

‘Saturday’ came out on Friday so get your copy HERE

Marks out of 12 Points – Has to get a 7.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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