CYPRUS : Exclusive Details Of National Selection For Eurovision 2015

Cyprus at Eurovision 2015. Photo : showtime-cy

Cyprus at Eurovision 2015. Photo : showtime-cy

CYPRUS – Eurovision Ireland can announce further details on the Cypriot Selection process for Eurovision 2015. We have been informed by a member of CyBC (Cypriot Broadcaster) management that there will be an open selection process used by CYBC in order to select their song and entry for Eurovision 2015.

The Selection process will be announced in full on-line on Monday July 14th however we have been advised that the selection will be open to Cypriot and Greek Composers. Furthermore the selection process will be run over several shows provisionally scheduled to take place from October to January – when a Grand Final will take place.

Further details on the entry process will be made available July 14th and we will bring them to you here at Eurovision Ireland

Welcome back Cyprus and expect Eurovision Ireland to be there for the Grand Final and more!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : CyBC

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