OGAE Cyprus celebrate their return to Eurovision and you are invited

OGAE Cyprus Party. Photo : OGAE Cyprus

OGAE Cyprus Party. Photo : OGAE Cyprus

We were all excited to hear that Cyprus would be returning to Eurovision after a year’s hiatus. None more so were the OGAE Cyprus members.

To celebrate this fact and that it is also the beginning of the Eurovision 2015 season, OGAE Cyprus want to invite you to a special Eurovision party on Saturday the 13th September at 22:00 (local time) at GURU BAR in Ayia Napa.

“OGAE Cyprus is bringing together all the fans for a unique Eurovision night! Mark the day, time and place and make sure you #joinus for a Eurovision night!!!”

We will make a deal – if they make sure to play Haris Anastasiou and his amazing song ‘Milas poli’ from 1990, then we will perform the song at EuroClub in Vienna next year!

For details on GURU Bar click HERE , For contact details for OGAE Cyprus click HERE and for the Facebook Event Details click HERE

Expect some surprises on the night according to the organisers. Enjoy

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE Cyprus

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