Eurovisionaer Drops Their Annual Eurovision Remix – 2014 Is Their Best Yet

Eurovision 2014 Remix. Photo : Eurovisionaer

Eurovision 2014 Remix. Photo : Eurovisionaer

Hotter than Novak Djokovic’s forehand, more bite than a Luis Suárez challenge, faster than Lance Armstrong (ahem) and more surprises than the latest Transformers Movie – our good friends at the German Website Eurovisionaer have released their annual remix of the Eurovision Song Contest.

You may remember last year they stunned us with their brilliant remix of the 2013 contest. They have upped their game with their 2014 remix that they have sent us. All the songs in the contest have been remixed and make for the perfect cherry on your ice cream or the perfect soundtrack to that Summer BBQ that you know you are going to have where the drink is more fun than the burnt food. From the winning ballad ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ to ‘The Calm After The Storm’ – all this years songs are remixed with commentary from the show itself mixed in for good measure. We especially like Molly’s ‘Children Of The Universe’ with the Scott Mills introduction – genius!


Make sure to check out the Eurovisionaer website – it is one of our favourites here at Eurovision Ireland. So get ready to get your Eurovision 2014 Remix Groove On.

Thanks Guys


Author/Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovisionaer

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