Eurovision 2014

10 Signs That You Have P.E.D – Post Eurovision Depression

Road to PED Recovery. Photo : Wikipedia

Road to PED Recovery. Photo : Wikipedia

P.E.D. aka Post Eurovision Depression as it is known among the fans, has many symptoms. Since we have returned from Copenhagen we have been cross checking ourselves to see if we are suffering from this condition. What do you think?

  • I have not shaved in over a week and still feel totally inadequate when I see a picture of Conchita Wurst and her #Amazing Beard! F.H.E. – Facial Hair Envy
  • You now only tune into Danish TV Drama “Borgen” 4 years after everyone else – just to hear the soft tones of Pilou Asbæk for one more time.
  • You cannot go past a bakery without demolishing a “Cheesecake” or two.
  • If you can tear yourself away from the bakery and make it to the Supermarket you go straight to the “Cake To Bake” aisle to stock up on your Dr Oetker products.
  • Forget wearing a coat when going out. You just wrap yourself in your national flag and work it!
Jon Ola Sand At EuroClub. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Jon Ola Sand At EuroClub. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

  • You expect every derelict warehouse to be utterly #Fabulous when you go inside. But ask yourself why are you trawling the docks at this time of night!
  • When your friends ask to meet you for a drink later you answer “See you at Euroclub”.
  • When you are at said bar you are SHOCKED to receive change back from the bar man when you buy a round of drinks.
  • You always omit the number 9 and 11 from everyday life
  • The biggest symptom you find is that you sign off every email at work with #JoinUs
JoinUs Eurovision 2014. Photo : DR

JoinUs Eurovision 2014. Photo : DR


Stay strong people. There is always YouTube, There is always the Album and of course there is always the DVD to look forward to. Before you know it you will be in Eurovision 2015 mode!


Happy Eurovisioning!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. The ‘beard’ thing is beyond my skills,but everything else is true, especially the Cheesecake eating. I miss my Teo so much!

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