Eurovision 2013

NORWAY : Margaret Berger Makes Me Want To “Scream”

Margaret Berger - Scream. Photo : Margaret Berger Facebook

Margaret Berger – Scream. Photo : Margaret Berger Facebook

Norway’s 2013 Eurovision contestant Margaret Berger is back from feeding me her love and all she makes me want to do is “Scream”. Yes the Nordic Electro Diva is back with a new Indie/Dance track.

Her new song “Scream” has been released and sees her return to the familiar black and white video format that she seems to like. Her song is not as instant as “I Feed You My Love” but that is a good thing. The bass track has hints of Bjork’s “Army of Me” while the chorus has hints of her Eurovision hit. Molded together and you get a “Hybrid Berger” that is sassy and angry at once.

Overall a darker vibe to her music that for me is much more interesting. From several listens I keep hearing more nuances that are not so much peeling back the layers of sound but almost skinning back folds of music. The video sees Berger rock out with some dance moves that makes one think of the small girl crawling out of the well in “The Ring” coupled with images of voodoo symbolism.

This is certainly an interesting song and video that sees Berger preach to a more sinister altar that I am happy to worship at.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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