OGAE Overall Eurovision 2014 Leaderboard – After 9 Juries

OGAE Leaderboard. Photo : OGAE

OGAE Leaderboard. Photo : OGAE

So far 9 OGAE Branches have awarded their votes for Eurovision 2014. Are they in line with the Betting Odds or are they far off the mark like my drunken chat up lines late on a Saturday night? Here is your guide to the votes so far!


So far 8 countries are still waiting for their first points of Eurovision 2014. 


Albania, Belarus, Georgia, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal and San Marino are on the dreaded “Nul Points”. The shock here is Malta not having any points so far. People I ask you “Why Oh Why”?


So Who Are the Contenders?


Well it looks as if the OGAE fans are making up for the many attempts that they have missed out on voting for a song from Sanna Nielsen at Eurovision. She leads the way by a considerable and possibly unstoppable margin. I would almost go as far as to say that it is alarming at the support for Sanna so far. The Leader board is as follows. Where countries are on the same score I have used the EBU system to decide who gets the higher ranking where possible



  1. Sweden – 83 Points
  2. Austria – 47 Points
  3. Israel – 47 Points
  4. Hungary 39 Points
  5. Armenia 35 Points
  6. United Kingdom – 31 Points
  7. Greece – 30 Points
  8. Denmark – 23 Points
  9. Italy – 20 Points
  10. Montenegro – 18 Points
  11. Norway – 18 Points
  12. Netherlands – 15 Points
  13. Ireland – 13 Points
  14. Belgium – 13 Points
  15. Spain – 12 Points
  16. Russia – 12 Points
  17. Ukraine – 10 Points
  18. Finland – 10 Points
  19. Azerbaijan – 9 Points
  20. Romania – 7 Points
  21. Moldova – 7 Points
  22. Germany/France – 4 Points
  23. Latvia/Switzerland – 4 Points
  24. Poland/Slovenia/Estonia – 2 Points
  25. FYR Macedonia – 1 Point


Encouraging to see Austria in second place and scoring well from countries that commentators would say that are conservative. The book makers favourite to win Eurovision – Armenia – are 48 points off the lead. One may think that could be a result of the recent speculation of Aram Mp3’s comments on the LGBT community. A shame the audience in Amsterdam did not afford him the opportunity to explain his comments.

Two personal surprises are Israel and Italy scoring so well. Neither songs have impressed me overly since their release. Norway maybe in the Top 3 in the Betting Odds but Carl Espen has not seemed to struck that same note with the OGAE votes so far. I think his 11th place here will be much improved at Eurovision.

Ireland are steadily climbing up the charts. They are currently second in our on-line poll for semi final 2 qualifiers. As for Paula and Ovi the signs are not looking good for them to repeat their “Playing With Fire” success in 2010. With 3D special effects planned for Copenhagen this maybe a song that works better live.

OGAE Ireland will be voting tomorrow and I will be there to cast my vote – I still have to decide who gets my points as this is by far the widest and most contemporary year of songs at Eurovision for some time. Decisions Decisions Decisions – but I will have a 2 hour train journey to make my mind up!

So what do you think of the OGAE current leaderboard? Is Sanna Nielsen really going to win Eurovision and by such a huge margin?

Let us know


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE and Eurovision Ireland


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