OGAE Turkey Award Their Eurovision Points – With Some Shocks

Aram Mp3. Photo : YourTube

Aram Mp3. Photo : YourTube

Turkey may not be in Eurovision this year but that is not stopping OGAE Turkey (Official Eurovision Fan Network) from casting their votes. You might expect Azerbaijan to scoop top awards but it seems that the OGAE members didn’t receive the memo!




1 point – Montenegro

2 points – Poland

points – Denmark

points – Latvia

5 points – United Kingdom

6 points – Azerbaijan

7 points – Moldova

8 points – Israel

10 points – Austria

12 points – Armenia

Azerbaijan only scoring 6 points and Armenia their first set of 12 points. Kudos to the members of OGAE Turkey for voting on the songs and not the politics. Also worth noting that it is the first jury to not award any points to Sweden.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE

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