Eurovision 2014

FRANCE : Video Interview With Twin Twin – OH YEAH!

Eurovision Ireland and Twin Twin. Photo : Elaine Dove

Eurovision Ireland and Twin Twin. Photo : Elaine Dove

It’s official – Twin Twin have the biggest hair at Eurovision! DR (Danish National Broadcaster) revealed at Eurovision in Concert that Twin Twin have stolen Jedward’s Quiff record. As we discussed with our French Brothers “Size Matters”!

Battling French public perception on Eurovision is something the trio are aware of and happily willing to take on the challenge of winning France over.

What can you expect from Twin Twin at Eurovision? More importantly how much fun are we going to have with them in Copenhagen!

You will never guess who were the first to welcome them to the Eurovision family? You will have to watch our video to find out.

Twin Twin will perform the funky “Moustache” at Eurovision this year. Here is their performance from Eurovision In Concert.


Is this the year of a French win at Eurovision? Well if they are as good in Copenhagen as they were in Amsterdam then they could be in with a great chance.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I have this feeling that Twin Twin won’t be getting 8/10/12s but will be getting regular small points and at the end of the evening on May 10th, we will look at the scoreboard and be saying “France are 10th? How did that happen?”

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