Watch Danish TV’s Show on Ireland at Eurovision with Dustin The Turkey and Friends

DR TV. Photo : DR

DR TV. Photo : DR

You may remember that DR (Danish National Broadcaster) were in Ireland for the Irish National Final in February. We helped them our Danish cousins meet lots of the local Eurovision fans. Well DR have broadcast their Ireland at Eurovision show and we have it here for you – SEE HERE

First up was an interview with tasty bird – and we don’t mean Linda Martin – but Dustin the Turkey who represented Ireland at Eurovision in 2008.

Maybe Europe didn’t get the irony and humour in “Irlande Douze Points” but I bet many people can remember Dustin’s song than Dima’s “Believe”.

A look back at Riverdance at Eurovision in 1994 that made Irish dancing SEXY (since my departure from the art form). They meet up with one of the choreographers that helped create the most memorable interval act in Eurovision history.


Gerry Martin and DR TV. Photo : DR

Gerry Martin and DR TV. Photo : DR

Friend of Eurovision Ireland – Gerry Martin – guided DR through our National Selection final for Eurovision 2014. He certainly is NOT “an odious little man”! What a fabulous word “odious” is!

A great show from DR. Let’s hope that Eurovision will be just as fun and no sign of “Doctor Death and the Tooth Fairy”.

Did our Danish friends do Ireland justice?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : DR

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