My Eurovision Countdown to Copenhagen Part 3


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It’s Andrew James Main here  again and in the build up towards Copenhagen I am going to publish my Eurovision Countdown of all of the songs. There will be 6 parts in all and the third part takes us through from position 24 to 19. This is something that I do every year and post to my Facebook wall so that some of my friends can saviour some of the delights and some of the horrors that we have to look forward to come May.

In all honesty this year is a fairly level playing field with no runaway stand out favourites and no absolute horrors. So continuing on from Part 2 which was published last week we start at position 24.






Next up in my countdown is a country that has come up in my ratings since it was first chosen.

Switzerland chose Sebalter with Hunter of Stars. It is catchy and has a gimmick with the whistling

and fiddle, he is absolutely charming in his performance of the song. Some of the lyrics are a bit

clumsy or at least that is what come across to me. But overall it has a nice feel to it and is in a similar

vein to the song from Malta, so will they both qualify? Possibly yes but if one failed I think it would be

this one.







On the day of the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam the country that comes in at 23 is Moldova.
Tonight I will see Cristina Scarlat perform her song Wild Soul. I really like this song which is a
power ballad with a pumping beat to it and also has a certain darkness to it. Cristina sounds like she has
a good strong voice which will help this and I think a slick makeover in the performance for Copenhagen
should see this get through to the Grand Final.



Still in Amsterdam today and my next country were unfortunately one of the no shows at last night’s concert.
Poland have chosen a song that has already been a huge hit and had lots of Youtube hits.
Donaton & Cleo owianie which will be in a mix of Polish and English in Copenhagen.
I normally would not always dig this sort of stuff but I do as it is a clever little song which is enough out
of the Eurovision box to make a big impact. It has elements of folk and hip hop thrown together and it really
does work for me, it is modern and will tick lots of boxes for the younger audience. How the live performance
will work in Copenhagen is still to be seen but I believe they are scouting around Europe just now heavily
promoting it. I am sure if all works live it will make the Final.






Just missing out on a top 20 spot in my countdown this year is a country returning to Eurovision after a year out.

Portugal have chosen a song that many consider to be extremely dated and out of synch with any form of
modern music. However it is uptempo in a year many songs are not. It reminds me of the Lambada and find it

unexplainably catchy and makes me smile. The live version of the song sung by Suzy in Amsterdam was
certainly capable and she proves she is certainly a good singer. Quero Ser Tua is a song that splits the fans,

its either a love or hate relationship. Whether it qualifies I am uncertain of, it could be touch and go.





Moving into my top 20 songs in this year’s contest to be held in Copenhagen in May and we look at Slovenia.

Tinkara Kovac sings Spet/Round and Round a song with a mixture of both English and Slovenian.

This has a certain charm about it which I cannot quite pinpoint. It is mildly catchy and has a bit of a folk/ethnic

element to it as well. The flute plays a prominent role in the song as wellas having a certain rock/electro vibe

to it, overall I find it very pleasant and really hope it makes it through to the Final.



We have some returning artists gracing us with their presence in the next song in my countdown to

Copenhagen. Ovi and Paula Seling return for Romania with the song Miracle. Now this is a catchy pop

tune there is no doubt and both are proven accomplished singer, especially Paula with her high sweeping

vocal range. I feel the song has been written deliberately so Paula can sweep through the top of her

range, it is almost like their version of the standard guitar solo some songs seem to have. Its bold and

daring but Paula almost never fails to hit those notes.They also have great chemistry together but I feel

this song will not quite achieve the same dizzy heights they got to the last time they were at Eurovision.

A sure fire qualifier though.

So I will be back next week with part 4 of the countdown from 18-13.

Do you agree or disagree strongly with any of my position’s or comments then let us know?

Author/Andrew James Main
Source : Eurovision Ireland



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