Eurovision 2014

Poll Update : Spain Leads The Poll for Top Place Finish from the Big 6

Ruth Lorenzo. Picture courtesy of

Ruth Lorenzo. Picture courtesy of

Ruth Lorenzo will be dancing for joy when she reads that she leads our poll on who do you think will finish highest from the 6 automatic qualifiers at Eurovision 2014.

She is not just slightly ahead but miles ahead. Currently she leads with 50% of the vote.


The poll results for the Big 6 are as follows


Spain 50%  
United Kingdom 18%  
Denmark 11%  
France 10%  
Italy 9%  
Germany 3%  


Molly from the UK took an early lead but Lorenzo seems to have taken a sharp lead. Over 8 thousand votes have been received so far so make sure to have your say.




Voting will stay open until Friday May 9th – the eve of the Eurovision Final. #JoinUs today and vote and share our poll. See if you can predict the winner from the 6 Automatic Finalists.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I vote for Denmark.
    I predict –

    1st Denmark
    2 UK
    3 Spain
    4 Germany
    5 Italy
    6 France

    but I would rather it went like this –

    1st Spain (great voice, stage presence , just wish the English lyrics had a bit more to it than repeating the title over and over).
    2 UK (great voice, nice tune, not mad abut the title or lyrics).
    3 France (I like the recording, not expecting much from live vocals).
    4 Germany (I’ve only heard this once, but liked it).
    5 Denmark (there’s a good song ruined by the skoobydoobydopdop nonsense ,and name dropping Katy Perry is cringeworthy…).
    6 italy (only heard this once, but have forgotten it).

  2. This is definitely in contention for the title! – She’ll need to tighten up her vocals though. Quite weak live. It’ll be a difficult task with those dance moves

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