POLL Update : You Predict that Hungary Will Win Semi Final 1

Kállay András Leads Out Voting Poll. Photo :

Kállay András Leads Out Voting Poll. Photo :

Who will qualify from Semi Final 1 for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014? You predict that Hungary will top Semi Final 1. Who else do you think will be one of the ten qualifiers? With almost 8 thousand votes cast you have ranked Semi Final 1 as follows

The Votes So Far


Hungary 19%  
Armenia 15%  
Ukraine 11%  
Azerbaijan 10%  
Sweden 8%  
Montenegro 8%  
Estonia 7%  
Moldova 6%  
Russia 5%  
Albania 4%  
The Netherlands 2%  
Belgium 2%  
Portugal 2%  
San Marino 1%  
Iceland 1%


Kallay Saunders from Hungary has narrowly increased his lead over Aram MP3 from Armenia.

If this was the actual results in Semi Final 1 then the 10 qualifiers for the Grand Final would be Hungary, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Montenegro, Estonia, Moldova, Russia and Albania. A surprise would be Belgium not qualifying – but remember that happened then in 2006 when Kate Ryan was one of the favourites to win Eurovision yet failed to qualify from the Semi-Final. Will this happen again?



Our Poll is open until May 5th – so support your favourite act and vote and share the poll with your friends. #JoinUs for some fun!

Aram MP3 is still leading the Betting Odds with Sanna Nielsen from Sweden in second. Hungary are in 6th place and climbing.

Can Hungary be caught in our poll?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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