ARMENIA : Has Aram MP3 Just Shot His Chances of Winning Eurovision With His Alleged Homophobic Comments

Aram Mp3 -

Aram Mp3 –

Has Aram MP3 just ruined his chances of winning Eurovision 2014 with his alleged homophobic comments?

He has been the favourite to win Eurovision since he released his song “Not Alone”. There seems to be no stopping people from looking at the cinematic video to his song that has now 1.4 million views on YouTube. Could things be about to change following his recent alleged homophobic comments that have been reported in the Armenian press.

Firstly were his comments made at his selection. He was asked of what he thought of the inclusion of Conchita Wurst at this year’s contest he replied that for him it’s “not normal”, “not adequate” and joked that

“hopefully, we will help her to eventually decide whether she is a woman or man”

Forward to 30:43 in this video


When asked on March 20th at a press conference again about his views on Conchita performing at Eurovision he commented

“I just realised that, after all, we will be on the same stage, because as part of the Eurovision all participants perform one song together. If you want to know my position, when I pass next to Kom aygi [a downtown of Yerevan frequented by gay men and particularly trans sex workers], I speed up my car. In this case [re Conchita], I will try to somehow put up with.”


To put this into context “Kom aygi” is an area of the Armenian capital with Gay Bars etc. I guess someone should show Mr MP3 the countless documentaries about heterosexual lifestyle activities across Europe. It will certainly be an eye opener for him.

In the days that followed many Armenian people questioned him on his views on his live Facebook Conference as they were somewhat shocked at his alleged comments.

The artist had to make a response to the criticism of his comments and you can see them here


At 7:39 in the video he responds to the homophobia allegations saying

“I do not live such life, and regardless how the world progressed or regressed, this is an unacceptable subject matter for me.”


Here is my take on these recent events. Firstly I would be a hypocrite if I was to deny anyone from having a point of view and opinion on a subject – especially that of sexuality and lifestyle choices. However I can disagree if someone addresses that view in a potentially derogatory way by bowing to stereotypes and jokes to put across their opinion. Aram is a college educated man and a successful comedian. Qualities I am sure would lead him to know when to make a joke and when not to.

However we will make sure to afford Aram the chance to have his say on these allegations made against him in Copenhagen or before if we get the chance.

Conchita Wurst has said that she is more than happy to educate Aram MP3 on LGBT issues. “Wunderbar!”

Interesting times ahead for Amar MP3 as he still leads the betting odds to win Eurovision 2014. Will these allegations hinder his chances now or do people just not care about anything except the song? James Arthur may have an interesting take on that question.

What do you think of the allegations made against Aram MP3? Will they have an impact on his chances of winning Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Gay Armenia.Com, ITV.Am, Emedia.AmAzatunyun and Facebook






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  1. You know ,something is right in our lives , something is abnormal. So gays or trans sexuals are not normal ,but I’m not homophob ? I just know what is NORMAL and what is NOT.
    Mary from Armenia

  2. Aram is a respectful person. So stop harassing him and focus on music!
    This is a song contest. Let the best song to win! 🙂

  3. If someone is free to decide her/his gender than anyone must be free to have opinion about that – whether positive or negative.
    I don’t accept changing sex but that doesn’t mean i hate or dislike people that have already done that . So that doesn’t mean i’m homophobic .
    So he who was born and risen in an atmosphere where no one changed gender that maybe not adequate for him and that is quite normal , which doesn’t mean he’s homophobic just because it’s unusual to him.
    So I think all this is just an AntiPR against Aram whose song is really the favorite of ESC2014.
    By the way – Good luck to all contestants that try to rise by spreading antiPR info about real favorites 😉

  4. He’s definitely not helped his cause – is he not aware of the LGBT following if Eurovision? His PR team must have buried their heads in their hands…

    I don’t think that ‘Not Alone’ was going to win Eurovision anyway – I think there has been a rush of bets and the bookies have shortened their odds very fast to minimise their losses if Aram did win. Armenia will do well, possibly top 5 but his stance against Conchita will be continually examined and questioned all the way to May 10th UNLESS he puts a stop to it now – of course, Conchita’s response will have done her no harm at all…

    I think it will be ironic if Austria finish above Armenia now!

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