My Eurovision Countdown to Copenhagen Part 1

Shini and Mariko

Shini and Mariko
Respective Broadcasters/EBU

It’s Andrew James Main here and in the build up towards Copenhagen I am going to publish my

Eurovision Countdown of all of the songs.

There will be 6 parts in all and the first part takes us through from position 37 to 32.

This is something that I do every year and post to my Facebook wall so that some of my friends

can saviour some of the delights and some of the horrors that we have to look forward to come May.

In all honesty this year is a fairly level playing field with no runaway stand out favourites and no absolute horrors.

But someone has to come in at number 37 so let us begin.




There has to be someone at the bottom of the pile of countries going to Eurovision in  Copenhagen in May.

This distinguished(!) honour falls to Georgia and the song Three Minutes To Earth performed by The Shin and Mariko.

 It is not because the song is the most dreadful by any means, in fact its merely the least likeable as there are

no dreadful songs this year as all have their merits, to a fashion. This one is basically weird and sounds like

I should be tripping on something while listening to it. As its Georgia it will not actually finish last as it will pick

up reasonable Eastern votes but  whether we see it in the Final?




I am quite vexed to announce my song at number 36 as around nine times out of ten I tend to love the
songs that come from Iceland.  Pollaponk bring the song No Prejudice to Copenhagen and it does sound
a lot better in English and the anti discriminatory message gets across a lot better too. But as a song musically
it grates a little bit with my ears. It is a fun song though as is the video and I know it has it’s fan base but I am
not sure it will reach the Final.



Next up in my countdown to Copenhagen in May is Albania who are sending Hersi with her song
One Night’s Anger.It has been translated from Albanian and will be sung in English. Unfortunately
I feel this has watered down what was a perfectly good song with a rocky edge into an insipid
shadow of a song. It has no bite to it anymore and will sadly get lost in the Semi Final.
A shame as I liked the original version.





Moving on in my countdown for Copenhagen we all love a trier and there is no doubt in my mind

we have a top one here. San Marino are sending Valentina Monetta for the third year in a row with

the song Maybe. Will Valentina manage to qualify for the Grand Final 3rd time lucky? Based on the song

I don’t think so, I find it a bit dated and would not be out of place as the theme tune to a 1970’s Bond movie. 

The other day we saw it drawn into position 12 in the first Semi Final and comes on after 2 other

more memorable ballads. I fear it will get lost despite the late place and Valentina may go home

disappointed once again.




Next up in my countdown is Belarus who chose their entry quite early in the National Final season.

Teo will go to Copenhagen and will offer up some ‘Cheesecake’ for us to saviour. Now I love cheesecake

and in true Golden Girls fashion would eat it all day all night. But I find his offering just a little bit too cheesy.

It  is fairly modern in a Robin Thicke kind of way so not too bad I suppose, I just find it does not have quite

the right hook and catchiness to do really well and think it may be a borderline qualifier.




The first of the big 6 happens to grace the no.32 spot in my countdown to Copenhagen in May.
Germany had another big National Final with a slightly complicated system of selection.
The ultimate winner was Elaiza with her song Is It Right. The song at first listen disappointed me
but on further listens it has started to grow on me and with the right staging in May could rise up
further in my rankings. It has a distinct fresh folk feel to it with the accordion taking a dominant lead
in parts of the song. It is already in the Final but it’s one of those that could either bomb and finish
bottom 5 or soar into the top 10 if it has enough international appeal.
So I will be back next week with part 2 of the countdown from 31-25 which I will publish just prior
to flying off to Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert where currently we now have 22 confirmed artists.
Do you agree or disagree strongly with any of my position’s or comments then let us know?
Author/Andrew James Main
Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Out of curiosity I notice Belarus uses the term ‘google maps’ quite a lot, when San Marino used facebook in their song a few years ago they had to change it. Why don’t Belarus have to? Terrible song by the way!

  2. I only disagree on Belarus, for which I think it will go to the final, as it is both catchy and pleasant to listen to spontaneously.
    I have no idea who will win the trophy this year and I don’t check the odds to save a bit of suspens in May !

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