Poll Update : You Say Hungary Will Win Semi Final 1

Kallay Saunders - "Oh I am Leading". Photo :

Kallay Saunders – “Oh I am Leading”. Photo :

What a difference a week makes. You now say that Hungary will win Semi Final 1. Last week it was all about Aram MP3 and this week we are “Running” with our Hungarian Hottie Kállay-Saunders. Can he extend his lead over Aram MP3?

Current Results


Hungary 19%  
Armenia 16%  
Azerbaijan 12%  
Ukraine 12%  
Montenegro 9%  
Estonia 9%  
Moldova 6%  
Sweden 3%  
Albania 3%  
Russia 3%  
Belgium 2%  
Portugal 2%  
San Marino 1%  
The Netherlands 1%  
Iceland 1%  


If this was the actual result then we would have Hungary, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Estonia, Moldova, Sweden, Albania and Russia qualifying for the Grand Final.


If your favourite is not scoring well then you know what you have to do – GET VOTING. Almost 3 thousand of you have cast your votes so far.



Can we get some love in the House of Eurovision for Iceland and move them up the charts?


Voting stays open until the day before the Semi Final on May 6th.

Who is your favourite?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Love will be shown to Pollaponk again if they sing their entry in Icelandic, which sounds a million times better than the laboured, garbled, too wordy English version!

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