Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Eurosong Predictions According to the Bookmakers

Eurosong Predictions - What the Betting Odds Say. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Eurosong Predictions – What the Betting Odds Say. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Ireland – In the last hours before the Irish Eurosong Final the Predictions on who will win are coming in from the Bookmakers.

According to Paddy Power, they predict that the result of Eurosong will be as follows


Eurosong Betting Predictions


Can-Linn Feat. Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat” – Odds 8/13

Eoghan Quigg – “The Movie Song” – Odds 13/8

Laura O’Neill – “You Don’t Remember Me” – Odds 9/2

Andrew Mann – “Be Mine” – Odds 9/1

Patricia Roe – “Don’t Hold On” – Odds 33/1


Do you think those Odds are right?

Who gets your vote tonight at the Eurosong Final on RTE 1 – The late Late Show – at 21:35 (GMT) – and you can watch Live Internationally on the RTE Player HERE LIVE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Paddy Power

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  1. Can-Linn, good song but nothing new, it’s so like last years winner and loads other countries will have similar songs, so think it will get lost in the finals in May if chosen. I think time for a slower or mid tempo song. I like ‘The Movie Song’, it’s different and catchy and think really it a two horse race between Eoghan Quigg & Can- Linn . I hope Eoghan Quigg’s song gets chosen but wont be surprised if its ‘Heartbeat’.

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