Eurovision 2014

UK – We can rule out 2 Acts for Eurovision 2014 Participation

Stacey Solomon. Photo : Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon. Photo : Stacey Solomon

United Kingdom – Earlier today we brought you the news that the BBC have had their Eurovision meetings and we can expect to hear further details shortly – SEE HERE. Today 2 female performers names were spoken of on-line, as potential representatives at this year’s contest. We spoke to their Management for conformation.

First name mentioned today was Stacey Solomon.

Her album date has been postponed until May 2014. Furthermore she is on the same record label as Englebert Humperdinck and Bonnie Tyler and apparently she is good friends with Josh James aka Josh Dubovie, who tweeted last week that he has been told who is representing the UK at Eurovision – SEE HERE. So a lot of social media websites have jumped on this story. We contacted Stacey Solomon’s Manager today – Warren Askew – and asked him to confirm the rumour.

He said “most definitely Stacey is not involved with Eurovision this year”

So we can rule out Stacey Solomon from the UK Eurovision Rumour Mill.

Second name mentioned this week was Lisa Stansfield.

Lisa Stansfield appeared on the BBC this week to talk of her current album “Seven”. Many social forums began to speculate that Stansfield fitted the recent BBC profile of a well-known singer in the UK and Europe that had new material of offer. However we confirmed with Stanfield’s team (The Agency Group) that she is indeed on Tour in Europe over the course of the Eurovision Song Contest this year. She will actually be playing the CCH venue in Hamburg on May 10th with other dates that week in both Germany and Switzerland – SEE HERE

So it looks like we are back to Geri Halliwell and her Union Jack Dress – for the moment.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Yawn. Just make the announcement BBC and be done with it. It’s boring now, sorry but I am over their ‘let’s keep them guessing’ nonsense. As for Geri Halliwell, Much as I don’t mind a bit of Geri, singing is most definitely Not her forte. If it is her, then they are setting themselves up for a Massive failure. Stacey Solomon would have been a great choice. I want Jane MacDonald, at least she can sing!

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